Thursday, November 5, 2009


Pretty much I worry about silly things. I'm going to start scanning and sending document copies to our adoption consultant so she can look over them, and I am suddenly worried that I did every single one of them wrong. It will all be a giant do-over, and it will all be my fault! Or, my favorite, we will probably have to wait forever to get our baby, and then I'll be OLD!

Let's face it--compared to a good many people I know, I'm already on the ancient side when it comes to starting a family. It's not like another year or more will make it that much worse. And besides, I need to stop comparing myself to other people. I need to stop comparing my timeline to other adoptive families' timelines. There's nothing productive about obsessing about things that are beyond my control. It's not even a good trick to pull out at parties.

So I guess I'll just get back to my paperwork, then. Sooner or later, I'll know if I did every document wrong (probably not) or if I am, indeed, OLD. Oh, wait, I already know the answer to that second one. So never mind.

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