Monday, July 5, 2010

Cutie McCuterson

We have had a lot of people ask about baby (er, little girl?) showers for us, and I find myself feeling a little bit guilty that the combination of my own clearance prowess, my weakness for the Genuine Kids line at Target, and a ton of hand-me-downs have left us with little need for clothing for our girl. I happen to know that people love to buy cute little girl clothes for baby showers, and I am not giving the people the opportunity to do what the people want! So I've been trying to put some useful items that are also very cute on our registry. One thing that it occurred to me today that we'd need are ice packs. And wow...all those people who want to shop for cute things are not going to be disappointed. Observe:

cutest ice packs ever!

cutest ice packs ever!

Don't you kind of want to order one of those for yourself, even though you're an adult? Go ahead; I won't tell or judge. In fact, I'm hoping that if someone chooses to purchase those for us, I'll get a nice boo-boo in short order.

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