Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good to the Last Drop

Many adoptive families have indicated that their children do not like sweets. I was kind of worried about that, since sweets are pretty much my favorite thing and the thing I'm best at cooking. I needn't have worried; she now eats more than half the slice of cake if I order one for us to share, and every morning, this is what she does to her mug of hot chocolate.

breakfast at the cozy place

Is this girl the perfect girl to be my daughter or what?


  1. She couldn't be more perfect for you! :)

  2. starbucks is waiting for you :)

  3. She is absolutely a beauty - so happy you get to have her with you. Can you imagine how difficult it all would be if you only saw her a few hours each day? Praying for you all and your quick return home!

  4. Mary and Jarod,
    As I have read your blog I am overwhelmed with your wisdom and love as you parent your daughter. She is so fortunate to have such loving parents.
    What a beautiful beautiful daughter! I am so in love with her too. She is truly the "Queen of Sheba".

  5. Hot chocolate for breakfast! You are the best mom EVER!

    Also, I echo Andrea's sentiments. All three of you are so blessed to have each other as family.

  6. I've read this far so far and I can't stop. But this picture stops me in my tracks because I saw it in real life. It's a lovely memory for me. And I thought she was drinking coffee! And I also thought "good for them. If coffee is comforting and familiar to her then, whatever." She really is incredibly beautiful. She looked so calm and happy with you there and I am loving getting to read about your family. CONGRATULATIONS!


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