Friday, February 26, 2010


We have been so blessed lately by gifts from other to help with our adoption finances; I really don't know how to thank you all enough. Finances have been a bit challenging for us lately, and every time I think, "I just don't know how we'll get this all together," a check appears in the mail or someone gives through Gotcha Gift Registry or is generous to us in some other way that makes it easy to stick to our financial goals, and I am able to again feel that everything will be all right. Which is generally how I feel anyway, but those moments creep up on me sometimes. Still, we believe with our whole hearts that this is how we were meant to build a family, and so we believe that by following our hearts, everything will work out just fine.

One of my goals is to have all our consumer debt eliminated and enough set aside that our adoption loans won't be too great to manage should I be unable to work after Nola comes home. Right now the plan is to continue with two of the families I work for and just bring her along, but we don't know our daughter yet, and we don't know what her personality or potential special needs will be, and what I want more than anything is to be able to offer her the best life we possibly can. If what she needs is more time at home or more time for appointments or just simply more time, then we will make our budget work so that I can stay at home. We are laying the groundwork now through personal financial sacrifice, and every time I am at the end of my rope or there's not enough money to put gas in the car because we have stuck to our goals of paying off and saving, something comes through.

And I am grateful. I guess that's all I really want to say here. I am grateful that we don't need to worry, that everything keeps working out. Thanks to all of you who help make these small miracles possible.

PS--Don't panic, families that I work for! Me staying home and not working for you is just a possibility, not a definite!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No News is Fine News

We're less than a month into the wait, which translates in adoption talk into not very long, and I find myself a little more edgy than I thought I'd be. Not a lot, just a little. Every week we get an update from the Ethiopia program at our agency, and for the past couple of weeks there have been no referrals. From what we've seen, it tends to be drought and flood when it comes to referrals, but for some reason this still makes me nervous. Maybe it's because the adoption tax credit is set to expire in 2010, and they haven't extended it yet. Maybe it's because people regularly ask if there's "any news," and I hate letting people down. Maybe it's because we have three cats and not enough hands to pet them. Who knows? It's not like we are so anxious for a referral that we'd prefer it to have happened yesterday; after all, I've got some financial goals I want to meet and plenty of baby related things I'd still like to purchase on my own. I guess it's mostly because I am a planner, and there is no way to plan for this. We will get the call when we get the call, and until then I can only continue to do my work on grant applications and nursery decor and hope that it's not sooner or later but somewhere in between.

Yes, somewhere in between will do.
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