Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ever Closer

Miss Nola M, little girl of my heart, tiny light at the end of a thousand tunnels,

If my math works out right, we are now number forty-one on the wait list. That's not very far from here to you. I've been buying you more stuff, it's true--so many dresses and gDiapers on sale and a hippo in a dress (to match you, of course). I hope you like stuffed animals and a single maraca because that's pretty much all you'll have to play with if the current trend continues. We might get you a MagnaDoodle for the car; you can hold out hope for that. Someday you may want to wear jeans and play with toy cars, but for now my taste is what you're stuck with, so dresses and softies are it.

We'll probably get you an abacus at IKEA. Nerds do that, and you're joining a couple of nerds. Sorry about that.

Or maybe I'm not sorry.

Oh, you will suffer when you are a teenager; we are so uncool.

But for now you are soft and small in our minds. You are giggling and gurgling and crying, and we are laughing and smiling and soothing. We are holding you close and never letting go.

I am struck today by how your arrival will make us a family. We are two, with cats, but soon we shall be more, and you are the gift that will begin it all.

We are grateful, in advance, for what you will make of us.

Love, love, love,
Your mama

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nola's Stash

If I took a photo of all the things I've picked up for our girl on clearance (or, ahem, not clearance), I would be a trifle embarrassed and you might feel the need to judge me harshly, depending on how you feel about stocking up on clothes for a child who may or may not exist yet. But it's been therapeutic for me to do this, to hope and plan and dream and put real things in the tubs I bought just for her. If she had a dresser, I would have put things in and on it already. You might say I'm getting ahead of myself, and I'd say, "You may be right." Then again, better to pay $3.24 now than $12.99 later. Am I right?

As it stands, Magnolia Middle-Name-Unknown McBride (Nola for short) is the hopefully-proud owner of a good many dresses, blankets in a variety of weights and sizes to suit the weather and the activity, far too many soft toys, a bumblebee maraca, so many pajamas that I had to cut myself off (No more pajama racks for you, ma'am, I MEAN IT!), a stroller (thanks, Mom and Dad), a car seat (infant through 65 lbs., $100 off, let's hear for Christmas bonuses and my mad bargain hunting skillz), and who knows what else.

And then today I bought a diaper bag.

Now all we need is the baby.

Well, and maybe a place for her to sleep. Details.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dear Magnolia,

All around the city I see magnolia trees blooming. I like to think that you are blooming, too.

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