Monday, January 10, 2011

Ababi Mondays: Snow Day!

So yeah we got some snow here! I'm usually not a big fan of snow but this time around I honestly got pretty excited. I really wanted to take Zinash sledding. I remember doing it with my dad and sisters when I was little and it's just something that I wanted to share with her.

Well there was one slight hitch. Zinash doesn't like walking in the snow. She loves looking at it and pointing it out to us, but she'd rather do it from the warmth of our house or while Mary or I are carrying here.

I convinced her that she would like sledding after showing her a few YouTube videos though ( 3 year olds will fall for anything! ). So we bundled up and put the sled in the car and went to find a hill!

The main hill in our area that is good for sledding was packed. We're talking 200 people like packed. So after a few more minutes of trying to think of a better place I found it...

Right out side our front door.

Yes that is our driveway. The sound you hear at the end of the run are the runners grinding on the pavement. Luckily the traffic on our street was very light. We got a few good runs in (I say we but after that first one Zinash was content with just watching me go).

I had always joked about sledding or skiing down our drive way and finally made it happen!

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