Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: I've Got Two Important Words for You

Those words are: FASHION MODELS! I have finally reentered the world of being Old Lady Mary's fashion model. I was so worried that I was just a washed up has-been, but apparently she's just been too distracted to dole out the appropriate model compliments.

tuesday, january 25, 2011

Zinashi has been a lot more independent about a lot of things lately, and today she wanted to walk into Grandma Mary's instead of riding in the stroller (which was fantastic, actually, because we had a lot to take up since the snow has kept Mary from getting to the store herself). This allowed Mary to get a much better look at her outfit, and she admired the whole thing, from coat hood to pink boots. She smiled approvingly and said, "Now you're my TWO fashion models!" After all this time, finally, I find out that I have not lost my luster entirely next to the sparkle of my gorgeous daughter.

Though, really, who could resist this kind of sparkle?

tuesday, january 25, 2011

This is the kind of sparkle that finds next year's coat in the Target bag and insists on wearing it, giant faux fur edged hood and all. You can't help but love that, right?

furry hood love

I'm pretty sure you can't.

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