Monday, March 28, 2011

Ababi Mondays: Coco goes to work...

Zinash has a favorite doll and she's rarely separated very far from it. Well a few weeks ago as Mary and Zinash were dropping me off for work Zinash looks up at me as I get out of the car and say "Coco go to work" and holds Coco out for me. I look at her for a second, partially stunned because I didn't think she could go without having Coco by her side. Well she insisted so I complied. And if Coco was coming to work with me then I was going to put her to work and document it.

She fixed computers.

She helped customers.

She troubleshot the networking.

And answered the phones.

Over all Coco did pretty well that day. She held her own. I don't think it's Coco's calling to work in the fast paced computer service industry though. She does just fine hanging with Zinashi. Zinash loved seeing the photos throughout the day and squealed with joy when Coco and I finished our day.

Check out the rest of Coco's day on Flickr

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