Friday, April 8, 2011

Water for Korah

One thing that being in Ethiopia really brought home for us is how lucky we are to have water. We have clean water to drink, right here in our homes, and we don't have to worry that we might get sick from drinking it or even doing something so simple as brushing our teeth with it. And frankly, even in Ethiopia, if we did accidentally forget and ingest water, we had the luxury of medication in our bags to treat whatever might ail us. This is just not reality for many people throughout the world. The water that is available to them is limited, and it is not safe for drinking. But it's what they have, so it's what they use and what they drink.

In Addis Ababa, there is a community called Korah which is essentially a slum. This community is largely made up of those suffering the effects of leprosy and AIDS. Families live in shanties that surround the leprosy hospital there, and some of the children attend school at Bright Hope School. Our agency's humanitarian arm has supported many projects at Bright Hope School, including a well that gives water to students and their families. This is the tank that holds that water.

current water tank at bright hope school

Before this, there was no clean water for the students of Bright Hope School. This first well was a miracle for them, but it's only a start; it's not enough water for everyone in Korah. So Children's Hope is digging another well at Bright Hope School to provide water for the people of Korah. People like the families and friends of these children:

students at bright hope school

Look at their beautiful faces! Don't you want them and their families and everyone in their community to have clean, safe water to drink? Sure you do. And guess what? You can. Click here to donate to the new well at Bright Hope School, to help bring clean water to the people of Korah.

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