Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Little Bicycle Love

A couple of years ago I went into a local bicycle shop to find out what it would take to have my bicycle, a cerulean Peugeot touring bike, fixed. It was from the late sixties/early seventies, and still had its original everything--tires, brakes, chipping handlebar grips. The figure they came up with was just a little less than the cost of a new bike. I gave the bicycle that caught my eye a test ride, called Jarod, and came home with a new beauty, which I named Peaches Gingersnap McBride (because of course I named my bicycle). I gave the old bicycle away via Freecycle, and now some bicycle enthusiast owns my vintage Peugeot. I own this piece of loveliness:

on the bicycle

Yes, that is argyle on her elegant frame.

It turns out that a cruiser is just the thing for me. With the wire basket on front and the kiddo seat on back, Zinashi and I can cruise to myriad destinations, pick up some items along the way, and not have to change out of our fancy clothes. I love having a bicycle that allows me to wear a skirt while riding, and the seat is cushiony to boot. Zinashi loves riding behind me and tickling my back with her "terrible claws," wearing the helmet she chose herself. When asked if she'd like to go on a bike ride, her eyes light up and she says a joyous YES! So do I.


  1. Too cute! Bicycling in a skirt - never would have thought it possible!

  2. I was hesitant at first, but then I saw photos of women all over the world bicycling in skirts, and I thought, "Well, if they can do it, so can I."

  3. LOL, that is great! Biking in a skirt suits you. ;)


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