Thursday, May 26, 2011


So there's been some weather in our neck of the woods lately. Some nasty, horrible weather, which has left 232 people missing in Joplin. I mention this because it feels wrong to complain that I was in the basement for two hours yesterday due to tornado sirens and then got to come back up unscathed except for a cat scratch from our geriatric, senile kitty.

phae sandwich
"You shouldn't say things like that about me when I put up with crap like this."

the finished piece:  phae
"And this, for crying out loud."

Still, the fact remains that I lost what are usually two productive hours of my day, and would especially have been productive thanks to the fact that I have two girls (shout out to the Sparling girls!) that take turns coming over to play with Zinashi on Wednesday mornings so I can get things done. Spending those two particular hours in the basement really threw things off. But it's not like it doesn't happen for other reasons and totally unexpectedly all the time. I've got to just roll with it, or I'd spend all day on the sofa in my pajamas, staring at the mess. Here's the order of what I do on a day like today, when I really need to catch up.

1. Time sensitive tasks that must be done for the benefit of someone else. If it will make someone else late or make their life harder, I do those things first. This is often as simple as sending an email.

2. Time sensitive tasks that must be done for our family. Mostly these are budgetary types of things: recording receipts, paying bills, etc. Also falling into this category are things that might start to smell funny, like compost I cleared out of the fridge and didn't get into the compost bucket or that pan I cooked eggs in and then left to soak.

3. Regular tasks I'm behind on. Today this means laundry. Other days it might be cleaning the bathroom or getting to the grocery store.

4. The usual/necessary tasks I had planned for the current day/time.

5. Any extra tasks I had planned for the time that was lost.

I don't often make it all the way to #5 without a lot of coffee or Zinashi blessing me with an extra long nap, so those extra tasks get planned for another day. In that category today is cleaning out the garage. It can and will wait.

How do you prioritize when something's thrown your schedule off? Are you a schedule person at all, or can you just automatically go with whatever's going on?

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