Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shakespeare for Four-Year-Olds

Tonight we took our small daughter to a production of MacBeth. Yes, the child who has never been to the movies went to an outdoor theatre production, of the variety meant for grown-ups. We decided to pretend it was four-year-olds, though, since we both wanted to go and she isn't ready for a nighttime babysitter. And guess what? Our four-year-old did great. She was only scared at the very beginning, after which I started explaining things in Zinashi terms. For example, when the three witches are stirring the pot and throwing things in, I told her that they were cooking dinner, with lots of yelling, and asked if we should yell more when we cook dinner. Then when they disappeared and MacBeth is lamenting their disappearance, I told her that he was throwing a big fit because they took away the dinner. It was the only time she said something out loud during the whole play. "Hungry?" she asked. I had to stifle my own laughter, and explain as he exited stage right that he decided to stop throwing a big fit and just go get some fries at Five Guys. It's always better to solve a problem than to throw a big fit about it, am I right?

She sat quietly for the rest of the play, enjoying snacks and drinking Izze and clapping when everyone else did. We asked her at the end if she liked it, and she said an enthusiastic YES! Amazing.

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  1. Love it - hmm, maybe I can find something similar around here to attend with our kids this summer - good idea, actually!


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