Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sleep! (Finally!)

This post has been a long time coming. I have wanted to write it since we got home and were getting settled in, but the problem is that you have to wait for something to happen in order to write about it. And it's happened.

For a week now, Zinashi has been falling asleep normally at night. No medication, no extra soothing, just her usual routine. She falls asleep while we rock her, which is the way I'd always hoped it would be. Cozy and sweet, her hand often curling up next to her face. It is, indeed, a miracle. Because we tried everything aside from a little nightcap at bathtime.

We did have success initially with melatonin (thank you, Shannon), so if you are struggling with similar issues to ours, please please please please ask your pediatrician about using it. It gave us back some sanity when we were about to totally lose it. And it got us to a place where we could think clearly and make plans to figure out how to help her otherwise. I was okay with using melatonin for as long as we needed to, but I also wanted to be able to help Zinashi deal with the issues that were causing her hypervigilance. I mentioned that I would try both chiropractic care and play therapy, and set out to do both, but we only did one. Because it worked.

We have Zinashi's chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Mott, and a technique called neuromodulation technique (NMT) to thank for our success. Frankly, it seems strange if you've only worked through things with a traditional medical or psychotherapy practitioner thus far, but it really is amazing how it works. I believe that our whole selves are connected--body, mind, soul, spirit--so it makes sense to me that asking the body questions and clearing up issues that way would work. It took a few visits, but Dr. Mott found the underlying cause of her issue and cleared it up for her. We will continue to monitor her progress and see him for more treatment as the need arises. But for now, Zinashi is sleeping well, and we are all feeling better. I am so grateful to Dr. Mott for his insight and for working so hard to figure out just what was bothering Zinashi so that she could allow herself to fall asleep at night. The difference between what happened before at bedtime and what happens now is simply astounding, and my mother's heart is relieved that Zinashi no longer has to carry the burden that kept her awake. Hooray for Dr. Mott and hooray for Zinashi and hooray for SLEEP!


  1. YYYAAAAYYY!!!! Isn't it great to finally feel lie you can actually parent your child at night!! LOVELY! And I may look into some sort of chiro massage for the tegerooney- after we get through this batch of traumaversary. I think I just needed this extra push.

  2. You do what works for your child and that makes you a great mom. Isn't sleep great?

  3. I'm all choked up ... and I don't even know you in person ... but I am moved by the beautiful healing in Zinashi's soul and body, and moved by your loving, loving care for her.

    Continued blessings to all three of you. And huzzah for SLEEP!

  4. I am so, so happy for you!! Go Zinashi!!

  5. Amazing news! So happy for all of you. :-)


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