Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help, If You Can

It appears that Zinashi's Ethiopian family is in the drought/emergency zone, and we are worried. We were told that you aren't supposed to give money or any significant material gifts to your child's Ethiopian family; it makes it look too much like baby buying. We support this and wouldn't dream of doing anything to jeopardize ethical Ethiopian adoptions. At the same time, to Zinashi and so many other adoptees, her roots are everything. Her Ethiopian family is everything. If something happened to them, without us trying to do something to help, it would be...I don't even have words for it. At this point in time, we are trying to find someone near Awassa who can travel to Zinashi's village and simply check in on her family, then report back to us. We don't know at this point what would be ethical by adoption standards, but we are hoping that once we know more we can figure out an acceptable way to help them. Please email me if you have any connections, even potential ones: marymuses at gmail dot com

For those of you who do not have connections in Ethiopia, we ask you to please consider giving to help those in need in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya,Somalia, and Uganda . Care is an excellent organization with good ethics, and they have a fund set up already. You can easily give there if you don't have another place on your radar.

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