Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ten Months a Family

Today marks ten months that we've been a family. I love being a family, and I don't know that there's much more to say about it today. Our girl is amazing, and we are blessed to be her family every single day, not just on the day of the month that marks another month together.

So in lieu of more words and sentiments about family and love and being together, I offer you another video from our Ethiopia archives. This is the one in which I decided to feed Zinashi Pop Rocks after finding them in the Magic Cabinet* downstairs at our agency's guest house. I hadn't even realized there was a Magic Cabinet during our first stay until the very last day, and so when we came back to stay during our embassy week, I felt I should make full use of it. The chocolate bars, cookies containing chocolate, and other things with chocolate as an ingredient quickly disappeared. Into my stomach. The Pop Rocks, however, we saved for Zinashi. Enjoy.

*The Magic Cabinet was what I called the cabinet that contained all manner of snack foods, plus a lot of other handy things like medications other families had left behind (thanks, whoever you are, for the Pepto tablets--Jarod found those very useful), Pull-Ups (snagged a couple of those for the plane ride home), bottles, etc. At the end of our month in Addis, those treats and useful things--there for us to just have!--were a welcome sight.


  1. My goodness she has grown SO much since then. I didn't quite realize it until I saw this video!

  2. That's an 18-24 month Old Navy romper she's wearing there, and now she's in a 4T in shirts and dresses, approaching it for jammies and trousers. All this growth in 9 months--it's like she's growing the way an infant grows in its first year. Pretty incredible.

  3. Oh Zinashi you make me smile daily! I love your concentration as you examine the package before partaking in the fizzling goodness! YAY! 10 MONTS HOME!


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