Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Florals for Everyone!

We woke up late today. Please be gentle when judging our outfits. Old Lady Mary did notice that we were both wearing florals, and she very much approved of the hat we slapped on Zinashi's head when I didn't have time to neaten up her very messy style. For a day that started in a bit of a rush, I'd say that's more than good enough.

tuesday, july 26, 2011
Click on the photo for more details of our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions.

One day the photos will improve dramatically, and you will be all, "WHOA. What happened here?" And the answer will be that we finally received our tax refund and were able to afford a decent camera. Do you think that if the nation defaults, it will affect receiving tax refunds? If so, please look at that terrible photo above and call your elected representatives.

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.

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  1. We are our own worst critics, aren't we? Being 8 months pregnant and overly emotional, I broke down last night to my husband begging him for a new camera even though it is a horribly selfish move since I got water on our nice SLR and the repair costs pretty much total it out. But, I cringe every time I upload a photo from our 6 year old point and shoot that I've had to go back to using.

    All that to say the pictures are great and your outfits are wonderful, as usual!


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