Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: We Matched, and She Noticed

When Jarod has to work at 9am, like he did this morning, there's a little more of a push to get ourselves out the door. But we made it, and Mary was pleased with us and with our outfits. After she got done complaining about the heat and how it can kill people, she started in on some lovely compliments. Hooray! We're back to normal!

tuesday, july 19, 2011
Click on the photo for more details about our outfits and Mary's reactions.

The heat truly is horrific for someone like Old Lady Mary; I wish she would let me bring her all her groceries, but she won't allow it. She prefers to walk half a mile to get her own. She says she has to get out sometimes, or she'll die. And I'm all, "Um, Mary, if you get out for too long with the heat this intense, you could die. STAY IN AND CALL ME IF YOU NEED SOMETHING." But she won't do it. I try not to be too annoyed about it, but sometimes I roll my eyes a little when I say, "MARY, it is NO TROUBLE. Stop thinking you are troubling me if you call. It troubles me that you DON'T call." Good thing her vision's not good enough to see my facial expressions. I'd be in trouble!

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.


  1. Oh Girl! I covet Zinashi's sailor dress! TOO TOO CUTE!! And you look beautiful Mary as always!

  2. I LOVE your dress! I actually just went to Boden's website, trying to find it! I'm wondering if the Riviera dress is close??

  3. Evan, thank you! Zinashi's sailor dress was a hand-me-down and was purchased by the original owners in Paris. Oh la la!

    Amy, I'm pretty sure the Riviera dress is the closest thing; I bought mine awhile ago, so it won't be available any longer. I love Boden--kind of pricey, but if you wait for clearance and free shipping offers, I find it's a great place to spend a bit more than one normally would because the clothes are both well-made and classic.


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