Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Stooping to New Lows to Get Our Outfits Noticed

We brought along company again when we visited Mary, so I'm not surprised that she was a little quieter than usual, but Zinashi picked her dress and bow to please her, so after fifteen minutes of no outfit mentions, I finally just announced that Zinashi worked really hard to find something that Grandma Mary would like to see her wear. From there it was a shower of compliments for Zinashi, so I'll say it was worth it.

tuesday, june 12, 2011
Click on the pic for more details of our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions.

Zinashi also brought her newest favorite toy, a yellow playground ball she earned by doing a good job going to sleep at naptime. I say hooray for that, and she can bring it anywhere she likes.

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.

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