Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let Me Throw a Couple of Photos at You

Zinashi's book of choice this week has been Children Make Terrible Pets. Little did we know--until Nicole called and told us, that is--that the author, Peter Brown, was going to be in town Friday night. How serendipitous! Of course we went, and of course we bought the new book, You Will Be My Friend, and of course Zinashi had it signed. She really liked Peter Brown, but you can't tell how much by the way she's standing kind of far away from him in the photo.

zinashi and peter brown
I promised that he didn't bite on Fridays, but she did not take my word for it until later, when she came up and smacked his arm to say good-bye. Sorry about my child's violent farewell tendencies, Peter.

Peter was super nice, and Zinashi and I both highly recommend that you visit him on his book tour. If you're not close to one of the places he has yet to visit, please at least buy his fabulous books. You will love them, we promise.

As if meeting the author of one of our favorite books wasn't enough, we also had a birthday party to attend this weekend. A birthday tea party, actually. I think we all know that if you are going to a tea party, you have to dress kind of fancy, right? Let us give you an example of an appropriate outfit:

this is how we dress for tea parties
If the flower on your hat is not bigger than your head, that's okay. Not great, but okay.

After those two events, it's hard to expect the weekend to get any better, isn't it? But somehow we have lined up a little brunch tomorrow, so I think we are just hitting the jackpot. This weekend wins at everything.


  1. Thank you for cluing me in on the Peter Brown tour--he'll be in our town in a few days and my little guy will love to see him. We love his Curious Garden book. Zinashi is gorgeous as always!

  2. that hat is TOO MUCH! And I am gonna check out the book tour right now.


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