Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Eve of Our One Year Familyversary

Tomorrow marks one year from the day that we first held our daughter in our arms. When we flew into Addis Ababa, we were met with the sights and sounds and smells of Meskel bonfires, so to celebrate one year together, we are heading out to our friends' home to have our own little Meskel bonfire this evening. I have many thoughts about this year, but it's hard to put them all down at once. So much has happened. It feels like it has gone by so quickly, while at the same time it feels like Zinashi has been part of our lives forever. We are so grateful for this year and for the girl who made every moment worth living well.



  1. Congratulations! Not only one year as a family, but also one year as parents! And you all survived and thrived. Well done.

  2. Happy First Familyversary! I love the phrase! And I love even more than that the picture of Zinashi. I think it's my all-time favourite of her. Look at how vibrant she is! What a difference from the serious picture when she was in the orphanage before all your lives were changed by the one, very powerful word, family. So happy for you guys!


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