Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rest of Our Family: Found

I mentioned some time ago that we were worried about Zinashi's family during this time of drought and famine in the Horn of Africa, and asked if anyone could help us go check on them. We got responses from a good number of people and eventually ended up using means that we hadn't anticipated, but which totally worked out. Thank you to everyone who stepped forward to help us. It's taken awhile, but we heard back, and I am relieved to report that they are okay. Well, okay considering the drought and the fact that farming provides their livelihood. Not that their lives were easy before, but now...I cannot imagine. But they are alive, at least, and I'm not sure I've ever heard better news.

To add to the list of "things no one tells you before you adopt," I would offer that no one tells you how much you will want to protect your child's first family. No one tells you how very important they will become to you, as if they are your very own family. Which, maybe they are. If Zinash is their family member, and we are hers, then we are all family. And so we love them, as our family, half a world away, and look forward to the day when we can love them in person*.

*Autumn 2012, kids--who's with me? Sidama or bust!


  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes. So glad you have good news.

  2. Just got goosebumps... Did you say ET in fall of 2012?!?! ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm crying over here ... I am SO relieved and thankful to hear this news, Mary!!


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