Friday, September 2, 2011

This May Be Anticlimactic: An Exercise in Deciphering Run-On Sentences

Oh, hi. Guess what? Zinashi started going to sleep all by herself and has done so for two weeks now, and then she told me that she wanted her baby sister to have her old Robeez, whereas before when I set aside things she'd outgrown, she'd declare, "NO Baby Sister take my stuff!" and then we found out that the agency we used for Zinashi's adoption was going to raise fees, but we could get in on the old fee schedule if we applied by September 1, and so then we applied and now we are starting our adoption process again. Kind of. We can't move very far forward just yet. But we can take this step, just this one step. For now.

In some ways this feels totally comfortable, and in other ways it feels like quite a leap. We've known since we started our first adoption that we'd like our children to come from the same country, if possible, and we knew as we moved through the process with our agency that we would feel good about using them again. But things are changing in Ethiopia, and there are concerns when it comes ethics, even if the agency strives to be ethical in all the processes, and it's all sort of uncertain right now. But we like the changes we are seeing, and we still believe that our next daughter may well be in Ethiopia. I have more to say about that, and will, but later.

The other big snag at this time, of course, is that we didn't plan on beginning our process just yet. We were waiting to find out about some big life changes before proceeding. We were going to go on our trip with Zinashi before we started worrying about saving for our next adoption. We were going to do a lot of things in a different order. But we were going to do a lot of things in a different order when it came to Zinashi's adoption, too, and we all know how that turned out. It turned out to be perfect. The best kid for us, at the best time, in the best way. I think this will end up that way, too. Even if we don't have any money saved yet. Even if we don't know when we'll be able to start our home study because we don't know where we'll be living in six months (or three months! or a year! I'll stop before I explode from the uncertainty!).

I'll fill you in on the nitty gritty later. We'll talk about age requests. We'll talk about ethics. We'll talk about special needs and why I think it is so important that more families be open to them (oh, yes, I will go there). We'll talk about all kinds of things that might bore you to tears or thrill you to hear. I promise. But for now, I'll show you why we have pets. It's because no one wants Baby Sister to be the one to be subjected to this:


  1. Hooray for adoption! I'm going to live vicariously through you. I always wanted to adopt but then we decided we only wanted the one child we had and then we conceived a bonus baby. So, if we do adopt, it won't be any time soon. Or ever. Or just more animals, which are much, much easier to adopt.

    Watching this video, I was simutaneously thinking, "That is an amazing cat!" and "Don't dump the cat! Don't dump the cat!" My cats just flee our 2 year old, though one likes to sleep near the baby.

  2. Cora, trust me when I tell you that if this cat gets dumped out of a doll stroller, she totally deserves it. We love her, but she is the biggest pain in the butt cat that we have ever had. On the other hand, she's a great plaything. It's all about balance.

  3. Not anti-climatic at all! On the contrary, I find myself on pins and needles. ;)


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