Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: I Know She Loves Red

Mary just loved my outfit today, but failed to notice that I put my hair up for her. I'd joke that she's ungrateful, but that's not true at all, and I can't even joke about it. She thanked me very warmly today for the food that I brought and the things I did for her, and it was just so nice. I was actually kind of dreading going today; it took forever to get off the phone with her when I called to find out what she needed from the grocery, and I was tired from getting up for an early breakfast. I figured I'd just have to push through the visit, and then it was really lovely. I'm going to go ahead and credit the one thing I've ever bought full price at Anthropologie. Thank you, birthday and extra work money 2007.

tuesday, september 13, 2011
Click on the photo for more details about our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions.

That red dress has been a fabulous addition to my wardrobe, and may be the one thing that made me think differently about my clothing priorities. I come from a long line of thrifty folks, and I easily am led astray by low, low clearance prices, then end up with items that either fall apart in short order or don't get worn very much. There's certainly a place for cheap in my wardrobe, but I also recognize that sometimes it's better to purchase something that I really love and spend more than to cheap it out and end up wasting money on things that won't last or that I won't ever wear. My goal these days is to make sure that I've got a good amount of basics to work with and then save my dollars for things that are really special. This is why, after breakfast with the big kids, I hightailed it over to Target to look at the Missoni items.

I honestly thought that showing up at 8:05am on the day that the stuff hit the shelves would allow me plenty of time to make purchasing decisions, but I was wrong. I arrived to find women in yoga pants feverishly pulling things off shelves and racks, carts already full. The woman ahead of me in line spent upwards of $1200 on Missoni items. I was aghast. I mean, I guess if you've got it, you can spend it, but still...$1200 in one morning at Target? It wasn't even 8:30am!

In the end I got most of what I'd had my eye on and one extra thing I wasn't sure about, but that I figured would sell on eBay if I ended up not wanting it. With so many women reaching in to grab things, I had to make my move. This is why we now own a set of coffee cups, saucers, and spoons, which Zinashi adores. She wants us to all to "drink buna and eat somefing off plates." You know, as a family. And if that isn't adorable enough for you, she was also thrilled with the organizational items I brought home. You guys, this girl is so totally my daughter. "For my toys?" she asked. Yes, ma'am, for your toys. And then she got all excited about putting things in them and having her toy shelf look both pretty and organized.

a little missoni for target organization going on
A woman who was wearing a very large hat and a colorful scarf (but still sporting yoga pants) snapped up most of the teal chevron stripe bins, and I am trying not to hold it against her, even though I was forced to purchase two bins of the same print when I wanted to mix and match all three prints. First World Problems ahoy!

Finally, as is my custom, I hit up the kids' section for a little something to wear. I'm pretty sure this will be a hit with Old Lady Mary in cooler weather. Don't you think so?

missoni for target, from the kids' section
Wow, my eyes look a little crossed. I was concentrating pretty hard, apparently. Also, they had a toddler-sized version, but I just couldn't justify spending the money for something that would be so quickly outgrown. It's Target, but it's designer. This isn't some Circo level jacket, if you catch my meaning there.

All in all, it proved to be a fabulous morning. Mary was happy, and Zinashi and I got some extra style in our lives, and no one kicked me (accidentally or intentionally) when I reached past half a dozen yoga-pant-clad bottoms to slide that cup and saucer set off the shelf. Success! If the rest of the day goes half as well, it will be a good one.

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.

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