Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Quick Things

First of all, Zinashi looks fab today, so I took a picture and put it up on the long-neglected Zinashi Fashion page. You can should go there to take a gander.

Second, I finally got my hair cut and colored after six months of hair-destroying absence from the hairdresser's chair. I was scolded a little bit for the ratty state of the ends of my hair, but she didn't say a word about the terrible job I've been doing on my bangs. I'd say that's more than kind of her. "Only four months next time, Mary," she said. I think I can comply. She does good work, no?

zinashi wanted to take my picture
Picture by Zinashi, who told me that she needed to take it because I look konjo [pretty] today. Thanks, little lady.

We are heading into a very busy weekend, and we are booked solid with things to do starting in about fifteen minutes. So happy weekend to you, internet. We'll see you Monday.

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