Monday, October 10, 2011

The Ice Cream Report: Sunday

Sunday in Nice. Zinashi wore a favorite dress and flowers in her hair. The weather was perfect, and the whole town was out for a stroll. The only thing that could possibly make the day even better was ice cream.


  1. Your flavors looked delish. I LOVE almond! K was sitting on my lap as I watched this and he loved seeing Z at the end of the video. I am about to replay it as he is saying, "More girl!" He's got good taste!

  2. Zinashi's lip smacking is so cute at the beginning, during her report, and then I noticed that Jarod did the same at the beginning of his report! Heee!

    Seriously, your child has the best facial expressions. I laughed at the bonus footage, playing with the wideness of her eyes. So great! And she's so observant, isn't she? She's always watching people. Such a brilliant girl.

    I do have one question: how do you keep her so clean? I can't keep my kids clean and stylish while traveling. By the end, we are just rags and covered in spills of mustard and coffee.


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