Friday, October 7, 2011

The Ice Cream Report: Thursday

Please stay tuned at the end for Zinash's demonstration of how to properly lick your ice cream cone. (Hint: you need to stick your tongue out well in advance.)

Looks like we're consistently a day behind in posting these. Let's just roll with that and plan on meeting back here tomorrow for the ice cream report from today.


  1. Eating ice cream with your family in Nice sounds like pure bliss. And in France, you don't have to worry about the calories! ;) Keep enjoying! I am on a diet, so I am so eating vicariously!

  2. BTW, Z is a cutie pie - they should name a flavor after her.

  3. Ohh... ice cream. How I miss you - it's been 8 hours since my cleanse started. Dang it.

    Zinashi looks so cute! I really, truly giggled out loud when she was staring off in the distance, tongue sticking out and then the ice cream cone is tipped towards her mouth. heee! What was she watching? Something close-by had definitely caught her eye.


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