Friday, October 28, 2011

Powering Through Because That's What Moms Do

I'm going to tell you two things to give you insight into where I'm coming from when I tell you this next part.

1. I am a classic introvert, which means that being with people can be fun, but drains me of energy.

2. Every single personality test I've ever taken to determine my "career path" has indicated that I work best independently.

Two Fridays a month we go to a homeschool co-op. I keep going back and forth regarding whether it is a good fit for us. I love the other moms. I love the Waldorf approach in Zinashi's class and the music part where she just goes nuts playing instruments and dancing with the other kids. But it's exhausting for both of us, and not just because the class time is noon to 3pm, when we are usually having our rest time. It's a lot of people time (see #1), and a lot of collaboration time (see #2), and even two times per month, I feel like it's a little much for me. The question, I think, is whether it is a good enough thing for Zinashi that I can just power through. I suppose that, even though she looks like this when we get home:


If she can muster up the enthusiasm to do this:


Then it's probably not too much for her.

Which means I need to just stop whining and keep going. And maybe take the night off on school days.


  1. I'm going to break my lurking to ask this: Is she eating Vanilla wafers dipped in hummus? If so: Hilarious.

  2. I know what you mean about trying to schedule nap time & activities. I'm struggling with that even more right now that my 14-month-old has recently reverted to two naps a day. I love that he's sleeping three or four hours during the day--it gives me time to get all kinds of stuff done, but how do I fit any activities for him in between the naps & meals & diapers?

  3. Amalia, it's pumpkin cream cheese. However, she once dipped chocolate chip pancakes in ketchup, so I am fairly certain that if hummus had been on the table, a cookie would have made the plunge.

    LIsa, it's tough, isn't it? I wish I had a good answer, but we just keep going and try to do what seems best at the time.

  4. Do you find it difficult being a mother and an introvert since you are constantly around another person? I am a classic extrovert - I could be around people 24 hours a day and it would take probably 2 weeks before I really needed some alone time. But now that I'm a mom, I find that I treasure alone time more than I did pre-children. I love my kids; I get drained though. I'm just wondering how it is for you, a self-described classic introvert.

  5. White Girl, I could write a whole post about that, and maybe I will. I wrote a few posts when we'd first returned home with Zinashi, but those were more attachment focused. I do find balancing my introverted nature with motherhood to be challenging, but I don't think it's a greater challenge than anyone else's. For instance, I now some moms who feel incredibly driven to have their homes in perfect order all the time, and that is ridiculously hard with kids. I think we're all just figuring out the balance that our own little quirks require. I'll be the first to tell you that I've not quite figured it out yet, but also that I'm doing okay. It helps to simply know what I need and not be afraid to ask for it, as well as to recognize that my daughter's childhood, when she is here and asking a thousand questions a day, as well as being terribly charming, is fleeting. And now I'd better stop because I clearly have enough material for a full post, which I will possibly tackle later today.


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