Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Problem Solving Skills Required

Zinashi keeps asking me if we can go on vacation today, and I've tried explaining to her that we only do that once a year, kind of like birthdays. Then she looks at me like I'm crazy, because clearly I must be wrong on both counts. Who set up this system of only one birthday and one vacation per year? Who does she need to call to get this fixed? I mean, that's just silly. Don't you think that's silly?

this is what she does
It is. It's silly. It's THIS silly. Pretty silly, right?

Let's see if we can problem solve together and work something out.


  1. Half-birthdays. One half a bday cake (a cake, prob round, that looks cut in half), and sing 1/2 of the bday song, no gift or party, but maybe a fav activity, too.

  2. Deleted comment - in essence, tell her about the MANY GREAT things (bdays holidays, seasons, activities - Branson?) that happen 1x/yr, and show her what's next to look fwd to.

  3. Smart girl. Something is not right in the current system!

  4. mini vacation to branson!


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