Monday, November 21, 2011

Tell Me Your Worries

I am, by nature, a bit of a worrier. It's a control issue and an experience issue. But some things that I worry about are just ridiculous, and laughably so. So here's what I'd like to do. I'm going to tell you my silliest worry, and then I want you to tell me one of yours. So here we go.

At least 75% of the time that I start the dryer, I neglect to look inside after I've shoved the clothes in. I just clang the door shut and press the button to start it. Approximately ten minutes later, I will begin frantically looking for our littlest cat, afraid that this time she has not exited the dryer, and that I am drying our beloved pet along with our clean socks and underwear.

I usually find her sleeping blissfully under the covers in one of our beds.

Now it's your turn. What do you worry about? Tell me, please.


  1. That somebody will fall while brushing teeth and the toothbrush will be sticking through a throat.

    That someone will steal my kids from the yard.

    That any plane will crash, anywhere.

    That half of my family will die in a plane crash and I'll be incapable of raising the half that's left. That's a cheery one, eh?

    I really could go on and on...

  2. I very much relate to this post! I worry about getting sick in public or going to the bathroom in my pants in public. These aren't even problems I have! I go about my day feeling great, but the minute I get on the bus or the train (or a plane), I am sure I am going to need to puke or go to the bathroom and at the same time will be trapped by traffic or a tunnel and totally unable to get off the public trans and to a bathroom. I have, in fact, been quite sick while flying and have even fainted in public several times. I lived through it all. Yet, I keep worrying...everyday. So lame.

  3. I worry about the things I throw away being found by archaeologists of the future and them saying, "That Cora sure was wasteful." I also rehearse mundane conversations, like what I will say when coworkers ask how my weekend was.

  4. I'm a worrier too! I worry that any feedback from my boss signals my imminent firing, even when my numbers are the best in my department.

  5. Every time I exit a store with those anti-theft thingie-mah-doers at the door, I worry that I've somehow stolen something without realizing it. I'm always worried that I'll get arrested for shoplifting and I didn't even mean to steal anything!

    I also worry that I will plug things in to the wrong side of the transformer but that's mostly because I just plugged in my 110v blender into the 220v plug in and fried it. It actually set on fire. So maybe that one's not as silly as it is wise.

  6. I, too, am afraid of flying and somehow feel that my presence on a plane dooms it to crash. And every time I go down our stairs I worry that I'll fall, breaking several bones.

    Oh- and I'm always scared that the kids will choke on the food they're eating. I still don't give my four year old those little round peppermint candies that are everywhere this time of year.

  7. I refuse to go to an island. I get kinda panicky just thinking about it. I'm worried that I will go to said island, there will be a natural disaster of some sort, and we'll be stuck on said "naturally" destroyed island. I feel the same way about boats.

    I'm an incredibly strong swimmer and an EMT. So I'm absolutely sure these fears/worries are unfounded.

  8. I see here that I am not alone. Thank you all for sharing, as well as for giving me new things to worry about. In particular, I hadn't considered the dangers of toothbrushes. But that totally makes sense to me! I'll begin preparing my Toothbrushing Safety talk right now.


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