Friday, December 2, 2011

Stay Cozy, Kansas City

On the Walgreen's sign at 10:38am, the temperature read 35 degrees. Zinashi's nose has been running nonstop, and when she asked for tea, I was more than happy to oblige.

tea time

I leave quite early tomorrow morning for San Francisco. The chill in the air makes me more than happy to depart, but I am a little bit sad about this being my first trip away from Zinashi. It's not that I don't think she'll be okay, but still. It's a big deal. Lately she's taken to telling Jarod and me that she really likes us. She also will come over to me sometimes and softly say, "I just really need my mommy because I am lonely." I hope she doesn't say that in the car on the way to the airport.

I'll likely not blog while I'm away, but I'm putting in a request for Jarod to do an Ababi Monday, and I'll be back Tuesday afternoon to fill you in on the success (or lack thereof) of my weekend housing mission. Kansas Citians, please try to stay cozy while I am away, and if you see the other two thirds of my family around, make sure they're having a good time. I'll see you right back here on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. 71 and sunny here!! 64 tomorrow! You can't beat that for December weather! You are going to think you went to the tropics.

  2. Safe travels - and happy hunting! :)

  3. Good luck with the home-hunting! I hope you find exactly what you are looking for (isn't there a place that you have your heart set on already?).

    You didn't say specifically, but I'm assuming that Jarod is staying behind with Zinashi. This will be a great bonding time for them.

    My heart melted at the quote about being lonely and needing mommy. You are such a great mom.

  4. ha! When I posted that last comment, my word verification was "inopuke". I take that as a sign that everything will go well with your travels!

  5. Congratulations and happy home hunting!


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