Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Big News

I am happy to announce that my first birthday wish came true, and even came true early. On Saturday, Jarod received a call that he was being offered a position at Apple in Cupertino, California. Today, he officially accepted it, so we can share our news. We're moving to California, and we couldn't be happier! San Francisco, look out!

We have been holding our breath, hoping for this news, since summertime, when Jarod first learned of this position and started talking to the hiring manager about it. It sounded good, really good. But there was a catch: they needed to hire someone else before they could move forward with hiring for the position which would fit Jarod's skills. And so we waited for that other person to be hired. We waited what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, putting a lot of things on hold, including our next adoption and some budgetary plans, not to mention school decisions for Zinashi. It looked like there was a good chance of this happening, but we just didn't know. And it stalled pretty much everything except me beginning to clean out our basement, hoping that this would indeed work out.

The week before Thanksgiving, Jarod went out for interviews, and clearly he rocked it. The job is his. As an extra special bonus, on my birthday we found out that our relocation expenses would be covered. Finding out that I wouldn't have to pack all those boxes myself and send Jarod off in a U-Haul was pure magic. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift. We'll move just after Christmas.

I spent a year in San Francisco after college, and I am thrilled to be returning there to live. So much of what we'd like to do with our lives is simply more doable in that city. I can't wait to get this ball rolling. To that end, I'll be in San Francisco this weekend to secure housing. I've pretty much fallen in love with a place, so I'd appreciate it if you'd both cross your fingers for us and step away from Craigslist if you are looking to rent in San Francisco. I already have the temporary wallpaper picked out for the dining room; it would be a shame to have to reconsider for a different space.

I am also getting our adoption home study information in order. Because wish number two still needs some attention, and I am more than happy to give it some. Our home study packet from the agency in California is on our way to our Kansas City mailbox now, and if you know me at all, you know I won't be letting that sit idle. The dishes piled on the counters and the cat hair on the rug? Those can wait awhile, but not something that gets us closer to our next kiddo. No way, no how. By the time our couch arrives at our new place, I hope to have arrangements made to have a social worker sit on it.

It's time to get moving.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We are Experiencing a Slight Delay

We saw Old Lady Mary today, and I have stories to tell, but you're going to have to wait for the report, for two reasons.

1. Mary's reaction to some news that is currently unbloggable was so classic that I simply can't write the rest of the post without including it.

2. I spent the entire day tackling a laundry basket full of paperwork, sorting and filing and sorting and filing and sorting get the picture. Every time things pile up that much, I swear I'm going to stay on top of it on a daily basis, but that lasts for a week, maximum. And then pretty soon there's some sort of storage container full of random papers, and I end up spending an entire mind-numbing day dealing with it. You'd think I'd learn, but I just don't. As a result, our recycle bin is now full, and I am on the brink of slipping into a vegetative state. Thus, no coherent blog post about our favorite geriatric lady pal.

And so: until tomorrow. It will be worth the wait, I promise.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ababi Mondays: Mami

I had planned on trying to put together a post for today anyway, but when someone commented that they missed me posting that really put the pressure on! Over the past few weeks things have been pretty crazy for me and for our family as a whole. Hopefully soon we'll be able to let everyone in on what has been causing the craziness but for right now just know that it has been busy. Even when things are up in the air and we are running all over the place there has always been a constant for Zinashi and I. Something that keeps us grounded and helps us feel safe and secure. That has been Mami (Mary). She is the rock for us. The person that keeps us grounded and leads the way. I can't even begin to imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't met Mary. I can't see it having nearly the level of joy and adventure. So today we celebrate Mami's Birthday. It was just us doing the things she wanted to do, but most of all it was us being together. Happy Birthday Mary. My wife, my friend, my rock, my inspiration, my guide, my adventurer. As we say in our family... I love you sooooo much!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wish List

My birthday is on Monday. I'm not saying this to get early birthday wishes or remind you to pick up a little something I'll like. I'm notoriously hard to shop for. Picky. Particular. A smidge difficult. And then there's the reality that I don't really want anything else, not that can be bought in a store anyway.

Jarod asked me yesterday if I wanted a present for my birthday. I said no. And then yes. Because what I want isn't something that can be procured at Target or H&M or even Anthropologie. What I want for my birthday is:

1. An end to this current limbo.
2. To know who my next daughter is.

I'm hoping that at least one of these two items is not on backorder indefinitely.

We'll see.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Color Coordinated Family

Honestly, I don't do these things on purpose. They just happen. Plus, I didn't say a word to Jarod about what to wear. He just matched us all by himself!


We hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and that your holiday season will be full of love. We are thankful for this past year, for everything that has changed for the better, for grace through the waiting, for what goes on when we aren't even looking. I look back at last Thanksgiving and see how far we've come in just one year, how much better things are for all of us, and the difference is remarkable. We are truly grateful for that. Truly.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too Early for Holiday Decorating? Our Cats Agree with That

I've been making my way through all the boxes and bins in the basement, sorting out what should be kept and what can be donated (and what is, frankly, just trash), and I figured today was as good as any to go through the holiday decor. Zinashi saw the boxes of Christmas decorations and said, "Mami! Let's Christmas our house!"

"Okay," I replied, "but I've got something more fun to do first. Let's Christmas our cats!"

phae as santa

lucy snowe as mrs. claus

As you can see, the cats enjoyed it as much as we did. Now I just need to get a little elf costume for the third cat, and we'll be all set.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: All About the Footwear (and the Weather)

It's a good thing we didn't try too hard with our outfits today; Old Lady Mary only noticed our footwear. I can't blame her, though, as she had quite a time dealing with the windy days recently, and very nearly got blown down on the sidewalk. Mary walks everywhere, and is still in quite good shape for her age, but she is 91 years old, and getting less steady on her feet with time. She said that someone helped steady her a few times, and she was embarrassed about it, as well as worried. So we talked it over, and she recognized that she didn't meet her end right there in Midtown Kansas City, and people were helpful as opposed to mean or murderous (she worries that someone will try to kill her when she's out), and by the time Zinashi and I made our exit today, she seemed all right. Now all she has to worry about is if the cinnamon rolls I got her form ALDI are expired (pretty sure they are, hoping she won't notice or get salmonella or something from eating expired food that I've gifted her with as a Thanksgiving treat).

tuesday, november 22, 2011
Click on the photo for more details about our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions.

For awhile I was able to do a number of tasks post-Mary-visit, but now I'm finding that it wears me out again. Maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's the fact that I stayed up until 1am finishing tasks that have been put on the back burner for far too long. Who can say?

(Probably Jarod, but he stayed up later than I did, so he doesn't have room to talk.)

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tell Me Your Worries

I am, by nature, a bit of a worrier. It's a control issue and an experience issue. But some things that I worry about are just ridiculous, and laughably so. So here's what I'd like to do. I'm going to tell you my silliest worry, and then I want you to tell me one of yours. So here we go.

At least 75% of the time that I start the dryer, I neglect to look inside after I've shoved the clothes in. I just clang the door shut and press the button to start it. Approximately ten minutes later, I will begin frantically looking for our littlest cat, afraid that this time she has not exited the dryer, and that I am drying our beloved pet along with our clean socks and underwear.

I usually find her sleeping blissfully under the covers in one of our beds.

Now it's your turn. What do you worry about? Tell me, please.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quickly, Before Nap Time is Over

I have a few things to say that have been floating around my mind these past few days. But you know how it is with nap time, right? Once it's over, there's no more time to blog. Especially if your spouse is working until 10pm. So here we go, a quick, numbered post.

1. Jarod headed west for a couple of days this week, and it struck me anew just how fragile Zinashi's attachment continues to be. I have said from the beginning that because she was with her Ethiopian family for three years before losing everyone and everything, it will take at least that long for us to prove to her that things will turn out differently this time. What I never admitted was that in my heart of hearts, I quietly wished that wouldn't be true, that she would somehow miraculously attach to us in a way that would leave little doubt about her future in our family. But that hasn't happened, of course, and my heart ached in a whole new way to see her struggle during Jarod's short absence. I guess you could say that the magnitude of her grief found a home in my own heart, and I hope that no matter how much fake laughing she does for our entertainment, I won't soon forget the weight of it. She still needs to be treated tenderly and with extra grace, and I have lately found myself feeling exasperated as opposed to merciful.

2. I had a few moments thinking of our next daughter during the late nights I sat up alone watching Felicity thinking and praying and waiting. It all seems so daunting right now, and I feel a little bit lost and confused. I can't tell you everything that has happened or that I now know, but I can tell you that there's a date that means something to me, and maybe that is what is confusing me the most. I feel like if clarity comes, it will come in the form of this date, and if you think that's silly, then you might be right, or you might be terribly wrong. I'll keep you posted.

3. I am really hoping to be out of this current limbo soon. We've got to make it through this week at least before we know. The time will fly, but it never feels fast when I'm in the middle of this sort of thing. I think the only thing that will pull me through is doing what I can do to move ahead in other ways. This is why I've got to wrap this up right this minute. I need to change out of church clothes so I can go sort photo albums and Christmas decor in our gross basement once Zinashi wakes. Cobwebs galore and possibly a dried snake carcass or two, here I come!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Perpetual Change Holiday Sale

A blog friend and fellow adoptive mama alerted me to a special holiday sale for a group she's involved in. Perpetual Change gives help and hope to orphans around the world. Their annual holiday sale helps fund the good work they do. Please visit the Perpetual Change Holiday Sale and put some extra goodness out into the world while doing your holiday shopping. But don't snatch up all the hair bows and flowers! I know a certain little someone who would like to unwrap some of those on Christmas morning. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Theme Songs

I'm a big proponent of life theme songs. Most times I've got one floating around for whatever I'm experiencing, and usually it's more than one. So when Rebekah asked us to write about our theme songs, I thought that sounded like a fine idea.

I mentioned in my "Seven Things" post that my theme song was Gamble Everything for Love. I'll likely come back around to that, but for the time being, I've reverted to a theme song from the past. Over the Rhine's Long Lost Brother has applied to many times of my life, and it most certainly fits right now.

The lines I thought that we'd be further along by now and I wanna do better, I wanna try harder, I wanna believe down to the letter stand out. I've been wrestling with some things lately, with life, with faith, with helping Zinashi heal, and this song gets to the heart of a lot of that.

But if we're going for a feeling, then this, which I stumbled across while looking for the first song, is exactly what I've been working with lately. I know a lot of people have sung this song, but this is by far my favorite. Lately I've been talking to Zinashi a lot about feeling music, and she took one look at this video and said, "That girl is feeling her music." Yes, sweetheart, she certainly is. And I feel that music, too. If there were a repeat one function for YouTube, I would surely use it for this song.

I don't know why time has felt so heavy lately. We've certainly had our fair share of joy. I guess it's just hard to live life in limbo, and there's more than one thing we're waiting on. So I'll sit with this feeling, knowing that no one is in limbo forever, and that Christmas is coming, which will likely make me want to break out a little something like this:

PS--Love Actually is totally one of my theme movies. That and About a Boy. There seems to be some sort of Hugh Grant thing happening with my theme movies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: If You Hide in the Stroller, No One Will See Your Tutu

If you look at this photo, you may think, "Oh, I bet Zinashi got a lot of notice today." You would be wrong. Zinashi woke at 5am, never went back to sleep, and was so tired by the time we reached Old Lady Mary's that she wanted to lie in the stroller with the canopy pulled over her. Whatever, kiddo. Don't mind if I do take all the compliments today.

tuesday, november 15, 2011
Click on the photo for more details about our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions.

With the slow but steady progress towards an eventual move date being made, I've begun to think about what it will be like to move away from Mary, and it makes me terribly sad. The hardest part will be telling her; she will think that her world is ending and that God hates her. I'm not joking about that. As much as it is a challenge to do things for Mary, it is also such a delight to me. I will miss our Tuesdays visits immensely when they end. It's not like we have a move date set or a job lined up yet, but already I'm thinking of this and crying. Heaven help me on the day I actually have to tell her, and the day we drive away.

I worry about her, see. While I am here in the same city, I know that a little card is in her wallet with my name and phone number on it so that someone can call me if there's an accident or an emergency. I know that if something happens in her apartment, the manager would call Carrie, and Carrie would call me. I could drop everything to take care of her. Far away, there's not much I'll be able to do. And I hate that. Because I love her. I love her a whole, whole lot.

Send tissues, please.

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Your Monday Laugh Track

Let's get this week started off on the right foot, shall we? If you don't feel like laughing, you can always fake it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Language of Letting Go

In our neighborhood, there is a Disabled American Veterans thrift store that collects donations by the most convenient means ever. They send a brightly colored post card which has a date printed on it, indicating when they'll be driving through your neighborhood in the early morning hours to take away all your rejected home goods. All you have to do is gather your stuff when your child is not looking, put it on the curb after your child has gone to bed, affix the brightly colored post card to the pile, and SHAZAM! The stuff is gone before you pull out of the driveway and your child starts getting supsicious about why her stuff is on the street.

We got one of those blessed post cards in the mail this week, and I've got eight days to pull together a giant pile of things I no longer need. It shouldn't be hard to make a sizable pile for the pickup, except that my personality prompts me to keep things. It says, "Mary, that was a gift to you," or, "Mary, you might need that someday," or (my favorite), "But you really like that. You like it a lot." In order to part with my things, I have to talk back to myself. I have to be firm. I have to convince myself, above the clamoring voices from my past, that the stuff is not worth it. I have to convince myself that if someone is offended because I do not keep every single thing they ever gave me, it will not be the end of the world. I have to convince myself that if by some miracle we end up with a basement when we make our as-yet-still-uncertain-but-invetable-nevertheless move, I don't want to just fill it up with stuff.

So the rules are:

1. Everything we keep has to fit somewhere on the main floor of our house. That includes memory boxes and random photo albums, which we never ever look through anyway.

2. If my gut says it needs to go, it just needs to go.

This is not my favorite thing to do, but you know what will be my favorite thing? Knowing that we have given away things that could be used and that we will show up at our final destination with only the things we really need and want to keep. Stuff will only bog us down. With three bags full at the door now, I already feel lighter. If I am diligent, the size of the pile that we haul to the curb next Sunday night will leave me floating back up our very steep driveway.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Thoughts on Setting Boundaries for Food, Media, Etc.

I've been mulling over all your fabulous comments from my last post; it's heartening to know that a lot of you are in the same boat, and helpful to hear opinions that range from "stick to your values" to "let your kid just have/do it." The conclusion I've come to so far is that there is a balance to be struck. So here's mine, for now. I reserve the right to change my mind should talking to people about our family values become either easier or more difficult at any given time.

I remember hearing an interview with Michael Pollan in which one of the audience members asked him what he does when he is invited over to dinner at someone else's house. He simply said, "I eat what I am served." That was a relief to me, as at that time I was just beginning to eat more mindfully and had no idea how to be both gracious to others and eat as my beliefs about food dictate. And to this day, if I am invited to someone's house, I eat what I am served. If something is offered to me that I would rather not consume, and it is something easy to turn down with out a fuss (Cool Whip on pie, for instance, "Do you want Cool Whip?" "No."), then I do. But I don't make a big deal when I am a guest somewhere, and I hope that Zinashi will learn to do the same.


(You saw that coming, right?)

I also have a responsibility to my daughter to protect her from the consumption of various foodstuffs, media, and experiences in order to give her good health (of body, mind, and spirit). I have a responsibility to teach her when it is important to create a boundary and when it is not. I have a responsibility to teach her how to make good choices, and that some things should never be options at all. At age four, she sees people doing things, and she wants to try them, and not everything is okay for her. She doesn't understand long term consequences. For instance, she has expressed an interest lately in taking up smoking*. She actually cried when I told her that she wasn't allowed to smoke. (And yes, it was kind of hilarious. I still giggle a little bit when I think of her earnest pleas, tears running down her cheeks, "But people smoke and Ginatchee** could smoke!" she wailed. Oh, honey, it doesn't work like that.) So if I believe that something is harmful to her--whether immediately or with repeated exposure over time--it is my responsibility to make sure that appropriate limits are set. Even if it is uncomfortable. And that, for me, is the bottom line.

Someday she will be allowed to make her own decisions. Someday she will have to stand up for herself when someone wants her to do or try something that she believes is harmful to her. If I don't stand up on her behalf now, and teach her why I am making these decisions for her, then she won't know that she can do that someday, too.

*Am I comparing consuming certain kinds of foods and media to smoking? Yes. Yes, I am.

**Honestly, for as long as she cannot pronounce her own first name properly, she really has no right to make any serious decisions about anything. She also has no right telling me I can't smile at her when she's being adorable.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Would You/Do You Do?

I have a question for you fellow parents. We all have different parenting styles, so I'm just going to go general here. Within your parenting style, if there is something that you prefer for your child not to have or do or participate in, but it is offered to your child by someone else, do you assert your will or just let it go? What do you consider major, and what is minor? What are your standards?

We are fairly strict about some things that others don't give a second thought to. Mostly, I am interested in protecting two things: my daughter's innocence and her level of nutrition. This seems simple, but it gets complicated. For example, we don't allow Zinashi to have much processed food, and if it is processed, we want it to be organic, and we never want it to be fast food. We also strictly limit her media consumption; she watches very few videos and has never been to the movies (mostly because we missed seeing our one approved movie--Winnie the Pooh--when it was in theatres). It's not that we think that one Sprite or an episode of Dora is going to ruin her, but we just don't want to introduce those things as options. We'd rather certain things not be on her radar. However, we're not the only people in her life, so sometimes she is offered these things. I struggle with whether to say anything or not, particularly after the fact. If it's something that I know is a one time thing, and won't get offered again, I can just let it go. But what should I do when it's a situation I know will arise again and again? Do I still let it go, or do I say something? What if it's another parent offering it? What if it's a good friend or a family member? What do you do?

What I want to be able to do is to tell people our standards and have them not become either offended or exasperated by what is not a mainstream parenting style. But I'm not sure that's possible. And if it isn't, then where does the line get drawn? What things are important enough to speak up about, and what things should just be let go? Tell me what you do. I want to know.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Problem Solving Skills Required

Zinashi keeps asking me if we can go on vacation today, and I've tried explaining to her that we only do that once a year, kind of like birthdays. Then she looks at me like I'm crazy, because clearly I must be wrong on both counts. Who set up this system of only one birthday and one vacation per year? Who does she need to call to get this fixed? I mean, that's just silly. Don't you think that's silly?

this is what she does
It is. It's silly. It's THIS silly. Pretty silly, right?

Let's see if we can problem solve together and work something out.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Boots! Boots! Boots!

Our boots got noticed today, in case you didn't get that from the title up there. But what I'm really noticing in this photo is how tall Zinashi is looking these days. Stop growing! I mean, don't! But maybe slow it down a little bit!

tuesday, november 8, 2011
Click on the photo for more details about our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions.

After the worried call I received from Mary last night, I was shocked to show up and find her in a good mood. She'd had a little spat with our friend Carrie, and she hung up on me when I told her that I didn't believe that no one loves her anymore. Yes, that's right: I was telling her that we all still love her, and she got mad and hung up on me. Don't ask for the logic there; you will not find any. I think Nicole called her last night and talked her down off the ledge of insecurity, and I am terribly grateful for that. I was able to get in and out of her place with much of my patience still intact to use with Zinashi for the rest of the day. Whew. Thanks, Nicole.

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.

Friday, November 4, 2011

As Promised: Video of Our Little Trombonist

Now every day she asks, "We can do that...that...what's that in the basement?"

"The trombone."


I think she likes it.

Friday Fun: Zinashi Plays the Trombone

the trombone lesson

I've got video, too, but I'd like to make you work for it. Leave a comment telling me what instrument(s) you play, and if we get enough variety to form a band, I'll upload the video by the end of the day.

I'll start. I can play one and a half songs on the piano and am otherwise proficient only at things like woodblock and kazoo.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Disjointed Thoughts on National Adoption Month, Plus an Invitation to Ask Us Questions

November is National Adoption Month. I don't even know where to start with that. There is so much to say, on so many different topics. Ethics. Adoptee rights. Children who need families, but who won't find them because there are so few families willing to parent children who are not small or healthy or both.

On that last point, I find myself so torn. I do desire to parent a young child, someone who is somewhat of a baby still. And yet, I also find that I am drawn to the story of a girl who has no one who is willing to step forward for her. Given the choice, would I be willing to give up my own desire for a different story, and if I were, would that be the right and good and wise thing to do? I came across this quote by Joseph Campbell on another blog (apologies that I don't remember whose blog--if it's yours, please speak up), and it spoke to where I sit right now: We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The problem right now is that it is unclear just what life is waiting for us. So I guess we continue to wait and see.

For now I am reflecting on our year at home with Zinashi. We have all worked hard this year. I don't want to be Nelly Negativity, but I also want to be honest. It's been hard. In the middle of each struggle, we did our best (all of us, Zinashi included), and I feel like we have indeed come out on the other side of something quite challenging. But I also know that we will continue to work hard. For this reason, I will tell you that adoption is not for everyone. I do want each child who needs a family to find one, but I don't think it does anyone any favors to go in with blinders on. I have endeavored to be honest about both our trials and our triumphs here, and I hope that I have given and can continue to provide a story that tells the truth about what it is like to adopt. It is not all butterflies and sunshine, but it's not all doom and gloom either. If you choose to adopt, and particularly if you choose to adopt a child that might be overlooked by others (older, special needs, etc.), you'll have to work incredibly hard at being a family.

I believe that we were all given different personalities and preferences and talents so that we might live the life we were meant to live. I believe that Jarod and I were meant to live this life that includes parenting via adoption. I believe that there are people out there who are meant to do the same that might be encouraged by what they read here. At the same time, I know that there are others who read what we have written and understand that adopting is not something they are meant to do. We are here for them as much as for those who will be families to those who are waiting.

And I guess, really, that's all I wanted to say. If you have a question about adoption, please feel free to ask us. If it's a common question, we may address it in a blog post, or we can keep the question private if you prefer (we will ask to share with a wider audience before we hit publish, we promise). You can reach us via email at findingmagnolia at me dot com or just leave a comment on this post. Fire away. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lazy Day

lazy day

On Wednesdays, Zinashi gets to choose her outfit. If we're not going anywhere, I also allow her to do her own hair, which basically means that nothing tedious gets done to it, and she puts a couple of elastics in. It's been dry lately, so it could really use extra moisture every morning, but we are deep conditioning in the tub tonight, so I'm letting it go. It's a grey day, and we are cozy in the house. We've been extraordinarily busy lately, so for this one day, I have declared that no one has to do anything.

Well, except take a nap. We are all required to do that. So are you. Lie down already, and no talking or getting up until you've slept. I mean it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Apartment Inspection Aftermath

I think we could have shown up in burlap sacks today, and Mary would not have noticed. She had apartment inspection last week (subsidized housing, thanks for all the stress!) and they mentioned that she needed to clean the top of the refrigerator, so what we got today was a solid half hour of wailing and lamenting about how mean they were to her about the top of her fridge. I would like to point out to the apartment management that all their residents are either elderly or disabled or both, and cleaning dust off the top of the fridge is a little beyond the scope of their abilities. I would like to point out to Mary that she forgot to mention that the maintenance person AND the apartment manager both told her several times that it was no big deal, but to have someone clean it for her. I would like to point out to myself that I knew that she had an inspection, so I shouldn't have been thinking that I'd hear anything other than cries of distress.

Today wasn't a very fun visit, but at least we didn't try too hard with our outfits, which were not even noticed.

tuesday, november 1, 2011
Click on the photo for more details of our outfits and Old Lady Mary's (lack of) reaction.

Obviously, we also didn't try that hard with the photo, unless you count moving a fairly light chair and clicking the photo button on Photo Booth, then running to the appropriate spot next to Zinashi. Which, come to think of it, was terribly hard. I mean, why else would I be so tired right now?

Oh wait.


We were out late; we started out early, but it still didn't get us home at a decent time, and Zinashi was terribly grumpy this morning as a result. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Jarod got his work start time wrong, and we left the house an hour earlier than we actually needed to. I am trying to be a good sport about this, as everyone makes mistakes, but I am finding it hard. Two-and-a-half hours of steady whining and fake crying due to a certain four-year-old's early wake time will do that to you. I will give props to Zinashi, though, as she suddenly decided in the elevator at Old Lady Mary's to "be a helper." I gladly rewarded her for turning the morning around and let her eat candy and wear her mask after lunchtime.

the day after halloween

Now if we can all just get a good nap in, I think we'll be fine.

Confused about who this Old Lady Mary person is and why we show up every Tuesday? Click here and proceed to the paragraph beneath the photo.
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