Monday, January 23, 2012

And the Give It Forward Payment for January Went to...

Heifer International! I'm sure that many of you figured it out already, but maybe some of you were still holding your breath? No?

We want to be above board with this and make sure that you see some proof of where your money is going. So far, the best thing I've thought of is a screen shot of the donation, or in this case, order of gifts. Here's what we were privileged to give through Heifer International:

Give It Forward loan payment for January

The sheep listing is pretty self-explanatory, but the Hope Gift Baskets might leave you scratching your heads. These gift baskets contain chickens and rabbits to help a family get started with animals that can provide both food and income. Thank you to everyone who gave as well as everyone who voted. Please spread the word and bring some more folks around to help our big

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