Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Monday with Old Lady Mary: The Final Visit

It just occurred to me that I never posted about our last visit with our dear Mary. It wasn't as eventful as I'd imagined it would be. Nicole was in town and came when we did so she could see us before we left and see Mary at the same time. Nicole's sister Olivia, who is taking over weekly visits for me, was also there, so it was a lot of people in a small space, and there just wasn't time for much emotion. Mostly, I was relieved that Olivia really liked Mary and appreciated her for who she is. I am leaving her in good hands.

monday, december 26, 2011
Click on the photo for more details of our outfits and Old Lady Mary's reactions. We were super excited that Zinashi finally fit into the dress that Ruby Westra sent to her.

All this time I've been visiting Mary, I've never been able to convince her to let me take her photo. I've outright begged her, telling her that I like to have photos of my friends, and I want something to remember her by since she's always reminding me that she might die on the sidewalk. I really didn't want to let any more time go before getting a photo of the two of us together (and now that Zinashi is with me, the three of us), so I had Nicole sneak some photos. Because I know that Mary would prefer not to have her photo taken, I am only sharing this one of her profile. I think she's lovely.

meet our friend mary
Goofy look on my face is...well, it's just my face. I can't help it. I hope you like it.

We will be back to visit Mary, hopefully no later than April, and we will be packing our finest outfits to impress her once more. In the meantime, we're starting a new project in order to send a post card to Mary each week. If all goes well, we'll do that on Tuesdays. When things go as they've gone this week, we'll forget what day it is and do it on a Wednesday.

We look forward to sharing this next project with Mary and with you. Until tomorrow...


  1. I love that you took a pic of OLM on the sly. I'll never tell!

    I can't believe you have a sweater dress tucked into that skirt! I was admiring your svelte waistline before I read about the dress tucking, so that means your waist is even smaller! I'm going to start telling people that I have a sweater dress tucked into my jeans. In fact, I probably do, and I just don't know about it. It's the only explanation for this bulging that is going on.

  2. It's a very fine gauge knit; I assure you, I am not as svelte as you imagine. Plus, do you know what smooths things out? Control top tights, that's what. I understand you might not want to wear tights in the desert, but...

  3. Wow... Mary is ... nothing like I pictured her (whatever that was??)- and she is beautiful! melts my heart!


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