Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perspective and the Things Which Should Concern Me Spectrum

Last night I decided to go to Target after dinner. For us, after dinner means 8pm at the earliest, and I made it to the bus stop (to wait for twenty minutes after just missing the bus I needed) around 8:20. This was no problem, even though I needed a bus and BART to get there, because Target is open until 11pm here. And it really was no problem, though the maps app steered me wrong more than once and I was alone, in the dark, on a quiet street for awhile. The problem came on the way back, when the maps app steered me wrong yet again, at the same time that the illuminated sign on the front of the bus steered me wrong, and I ended up on the final leg of my journey, which should have taken twenty minutes, for an hour. I got home after midnight, still needing to shower, still needing to reply to some emails I'd put off for the quieter hours of the night, when everyone else is asleep. It was 1:30am before I made it into bed, which is okay.

At 5:30am, I awoke to discomfort in my left eye, and stumbled to the bathroom to discover that half my contact was missing. (I sleep in my contacts, and yes, I know this isn't ideal. I just like being able to see first thing in the morning.) It was my last pair of contacts. My glasses are less than comfortable, to say the least. Through the magic of the internet, I managed to find an optometrist and book an appointment right then and there. By 5:36am, I was back in bed, ready to lie there awake for an hour, as is my custom when awakened in the middle of the night. (Er, early morning, I guess. 5:30am is the middle of the night to me.) So today's serious errand went from "Nothing! Let's take a beach day!" to "Now I'm exhausted, and we need to get across town on an unfamiliar bus route!"

I was worried that Zinashi would be disappointed that we weren't taking her bicycle to the beach, but she hasn't made a peep about it. This may or may not be because I promised she could watch a movie while I have my eye doctor appointment. I think that I am more disappointed about the lack of beachdom than she is. I guess it's because I don't get a big thrill out of watching Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Life is full of little bumps in the road. I am tired, and I am sore from all the extra lifting and walking I've been doing, and I am tired of having "just a few more things" to do before we are all settled. But these are all small things, and I know it. It doesn't mean that I am less tired or that it's not annoying that my contact tore in half in the middle of the night, but it does mean that these things will all pass fairly quickly. I'm not about negating my feelings, but there is something to be said for perspective. On the Things That Should Concern Me spectrum, a late return from an errand and an unexpected optometrist appointment fall pretty far to the It's No Big Deal side.

In fact, if our little drama mama can be happy with an altered schedule, then so can I. And she looks pretty okay with things, doesn't she?

lazy day play time
The rabbits are pretty okay, too.

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  1. I live in SF too, in SoMa, near the ballpark. Stumbled across your blog and have been reading for 2 hours while at work. I can't WAIT for the Target at the Metreon to open - it'll be so much easier than going to the Target in San Bruno, which takes about an hour factoring in Muni to Bart.


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