Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Very Melkam Genna Indeed

Today is/was Ethiopian Christmas. Melkam Genna! In Kansas City, we would have observed the holiday at an overnight church service, but here we barely managed to observe at all. Bleary-eyed this morning, I remembered the outfit I'd bought Zinashi as her Genna gift and stumbled into her room to lay it out on her bed. I returned to the big bed without waking anyone, and we all slept until 10:30am. Which, actually, is quite a celebration, come to think of it. Zinashi got super excited about her outfit, and I managed to persuade her that argyle knee socks were the best choice for the weather. She chose the sparkly shoes herself.

describing just what the dog to her right was doing and thinking
If you're thinking that this outfit is all wrong for a bicycle ride on the beach, you clearly don't know how to celebrate Genna properly.

Despite the siren call of boxes needing to be unpacked, we managed to spend the bulk of the day at the beach, heading home just as the sun was setting.

homeward bound

Zinashi is such a gift to us. Every Genna we get to spend with her will be a happy one; I'm so glad that we know her, and because we know her, we have new vocabulary to celebrate this holiday. Melkam Genna, from our hearts to yours.


  1. Beautiful is the only word to describe this picture. Merry Christmas!

  2. Melkam Genna to you too!

    How is Z's sleeping going with all the changes? Or is the ocean air taking care of any troubles (as it so often does)?

  3. Melkam Genna!

    I love the dress and bike combo. We should all be so fashionable when riding bikes.


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