Thursday, March 29, 2012

DANCE PARTY! Dress Rehearsal at USCIS

We had the most pleasant visit to the USCIS Application Support Center today. Those of you who have done international adoption paperwork are all, "Wha? Are you sure you were where you think you were?" But I was! And honestly, I never knew that US Immigration could be so great either, but I guess US Immigration in San Francisco is not like US Immigration in the rest of the country. This city keeps surprising me with its joy and wonder. At this point, if I go to register to vote and they hand me a flag and some complimentary cotton candy, I will not be surprised.

The amazing thing about the USCIS office is that every staff member was cheerful and helpful and accommodating, and beyond that seemed genuinely interested in how we were doing and why we were there and what that cute baby panda was doing on the loose. The absolute best part was when the technician asked Zinashi some questions about herself and it came out that in addition to a Cookie Monster theme for her birthday party this weekend, Zinashi is also planning on a DANCE PARTY! The tech asked her to show her moves right then and there, then took her over to another tech, at which point it was a full-on pre-DANCE-PARTY-dance-party in which Zinashi was being encouraged to pop her hips. I think she took those instructions to heart, as evidenced in our post dinner dance break.

Don't you just love her? We sure do.

PS--If you're wondering why she's wearing one shoe and a bib, it's because she's Zinashi. And please don't tell her that big girls don't wear bibs. I like keeping her shirts clean.


  1. Oh my goodness- it's so precious when she- "breaks it down" after the beginning part!

  2. LOVE - esp. the one shoe. Can she come to my house and explain to my girls that big girls wear bibs? That would be most helpful. And then they could dance about it.

  3. NICE wiggles. I was might impressed by the snaps! :D

  4. YAY!! Love the dance and love her! FOR REAL she would make L Boogie proud! Ha ha - little Z Boogie....

  5. from one dancer to another - that girl can groooove! love it


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