Monday, April 30, 2012


Good news, everybody.  I cleaned up the coffee grounds!  In fact, I cleaned the whole kitchen.  I know!  It was like a great big party at my house, and the party favors were sullied cleaning rags and lint balls from my little vacuum.  Wait, that's not much of a party. Nevermind!

The real party was the high five Jarod and I exchanged after we left our friend Cid the notary at the UPS Store.  We were waiting on one last piece of paper so that we could have our file submitted to court in Ethiopia, and yesterday morning it was waiting for us on the piano in the entryway.*  I have never been so excited to see the words Department of Homeland Security  in my life.  I didn't realize how stressed out I was over this last document's arrival until we got it.  We got an official copy of the document notarized on the way home from church and BAM!  Suddenly I felt like I could clean the kitchen.  Or maybe it went more like: I got an iced mocha (breve, with hazelnut, no whip) to aid me in my grocery shopping, and I arrived home with sugar and caffeine coursing through my veins and BAM!  I cleaned the kitchen before it wore off.

Whatever the case, the kitchen is clean, the document is being overnighted to the agency today, and I can now turn my attention toward more important matters.  I think you know what I'm talking about.

cat in a headband
I'm talking about Zinashi putting a baby headband on our cat.  You're welcome.

I also need to get Elvie's medical plan firmed up and get a travel doctor appointment made for the other three of us, among other things, but let's forget about the tedious, responsible task list for a minute.  Do you not feel that Lucy looks magnificent in red?  Zinashi and I both really feel it's her color.

*We have a mail situation that is quite common in San Francisco, in which the mail comes into one unit of a two-unit home, and the people who do not live in the mail-receiving unit have to wait for the mail-receiving-unit-dwellers to remember to put the mail out in a common area.  For us, it's on the piano that we are storing in our entryway.**

**It was either that or pay to have a crane lift it over the house so we could move it in through the back balcony door.  We decided to go with entryway storage.


  1. I am also waiting for that darn envelope. Going nuts right along with you. I think we should race. But I think you're gonna win because you are like, three weeks ahead of us.

  2. I came here from Rebecca at GGC, and have spent the better part of this weekend reading your entries from beginning to end. It has been poignant, joyful, informative and- especially in regards to the photos of your beautiful Zinashi - worth every single moment spent. I have harbored a secret desire for many, many years to adopt and will ( hopefully) soon be in a position to do so. You have helped to affirm my desire and I wait, expectantly for yoru Elvie to arrive safely into your family. Thank you many times over for you Blog. Your honesty and willingness to share both the good and the bad of adoption has been immeasurably helpful.

  3. That cat does not have nearly the amount of murder in her eyes as a cat presumably would in that situation. Congratulations on hitting the downhill slope of paperwork and regaining some energy!


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