Monday, April 23, 2012

Kicking Off a Quieter Week

It's been two weeks since we found out that we were chosen to be Elvie's family.  Sometimes it seems like longer since we've crammed so much into these two weeks, but sometimes it still doesn't feel real.  Her photo is on my desk, with a post-it note attached that I've doodled her name on (I dotted each i with a heart, oh yes I did).  I keep thinking someone is going to call me and say, "We're really sorry, but we've changed our minds.  You just aren't quite as awesome as we thought."  I didn't feel this way during Zinashi's adoption, so this is new for me.  Is this normal?  I think that it is just par for the course now; everything about this adoption has been a surprise, one nail-biting week after another.  I go from confidence to worry in moments.  I know this isn't reasonable, but if my adoption coordinator could just call, text, or email me every ten minutes to let me know we're still right on track, that would make me feel much better.

In more fun news, I have fleshed out our Amazon baby registry and added a link to our left sidebar so that you can laugh about the fancy clothes and diaper bag I'm wishing for.  I mentioned on twitter that I'd filled a dream Boden cart with things for Elvie, and I was encouraged to put the things I'd dream-shopped on there and provide a link.  So there it is.  Scroll to the bottom if you'd like to see Mary's Mini Boden Fantasyland.  I went into Nordstrom before getting groceries yesterday (have I mentioned that my Trader Joe's is at a mall?) and ogled a bunch of the Mini Boden items.  I'm pretty sure the sales associate was hovering for a reason, and that reason involved a disheveled woman with a giant bag (for the groceries, but how would she know?) who was touching all the cutest merchandise but not making any move toward a register.  For the record, the strawberry dress is EVEN CUTER in person, if that's possible.

I am looking forward to this week, which at least for this moment holds the promise of being much quieter and less frenzied than the last two weeks.  We, of course, have plenty of things to accomplish on our Elvie To Do List, but these can be interspersed with other, more usual things, like finally making the homemade nutella I toasted hazelnuts for three weeks ago and removing the ring around the tub that is made up entirely of accumulated Zinashi hair product (smells awesome, but sticks to the porcelain like nobody's business).  We're also getting our PO box set up today since many of you have asked about that, and at the same time we'll be visiting all the pets at Petco.  Crabs are first on the list, followed by birds.  Zinashi has requested, and I am happy to oblige.  Who wouldn't?

zinashi and her horse share sunglasses
Can you look at this level of adorable and say no to a reasonable request?  I don't think you can.

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