Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Tale of Dental Triumph

I took Zinashi for her ever first dentist appointment today. For those of you who are wondering why we'd wait eighteen months into our life together to make a dental appointment, I'd like to offer the following information. When we visited the international adoption clinic upon arrival in Kansas City, the only thing Zinashi would not voluntarily allow the doctor to do was look inside her mouth. He laid her down and gently held her mouth open, then confirmed what he suspected given her birth culture and her level of protest. At some point in her young life, Zinashi had a uvulectomy done. Go ahead and click on the link. I'll wait.

Do you understand now why we'd bide our time and wait until she was merely nervous about what would happen as opposed to terrified of opening her mouth? And why I was a little nervous myself as we rode to the dentist's office?

Well, I needn't have worried. First, they wowed Zinashi with their collection of noisy toys in the waiting room.

noisy toys in the waiting room were a hit
"Mami, why don't any of my toys make noise like this microphone?" Sweetie, it's because I choose not to suffer unless we are in your dentist's office.

Then they took her back and started to explain what was going to happen. She was still a little nervous.

feeling a little nervous
Note Viva the pink dog; Zinashi would like you to know that Viva is a boy. He came along for moral support. What a guy!

Then they started breaking out all the dental tools and letting her play with them.

trying out the toothbrush

By the time it was X-ray time, she was doing okay, and just needed to hold Viva's paw for support.

xray time - holding viva the dog's paw for support

Just before the cleaning, they gave her some loaner sunglasses so the exam light wouldn't be too bright for her eyes.

bespectacled and ready for her cleaning
That's it--I'm calling my dentist's office to complain about their level of service. They've already revealed that Zinashi will get to have chocolate toothpaste, and now she gets cool shades as well? NO FAIR.

After that, it was all good. Mouth open wide, quickest cleaning ever, and she was done.

mid-cleaning, doing fine

She left with a yellow balloon, a bouncy ball, the usual toothpaste/toothbrush/floss, and a lot of compliments. We'll go back in six months, and I'm pretty sure she'll be excited to go next time. What a relief. I'm so proud of my good, brave girl.


  1. I just had this conversation today! And that link... is the MILDEST description of traditional healing practice i've ever read.

    Way to go Z! good job!

  2. Its' always great to see kids cooperate when going to the dentist. I usually have a hard time myself.
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  3. She looks very cool with those shades on, it's really nice to have different types of shades for comfort.

  4. I remembered the first time I brought my daughter to the dentist, she wasn't very cooperative as much as your daughter.

  5. Bringing your kid to the dentist can be hard at times since they don't want to hear those noises that come out of the dental tools.

  6. It's a great thing that she's not afraid to her dentist. It's very rare to find kids that are excited to consult their dentists. A lot of dentists in rockford il are always reminding their patients to not traumatize their kids to the point that they will be afraid to go to the dentist.

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