Friday, April 27, 2012

We Have No Side Salad

Nearly every Thursday night we are at the same spot.  We call it "our" Ethiopian restaurant.  When I was first reading the reviews for on Yelp, trying to find a good spot for us to make our regular place, I was laughing at how many people complained that Axum did not serve rice. Last night, when Tsegay, the owner of Axum, showed us this Simpsons clip of Marge and the kids eating Ethiopian food, he laughed hardest at the part where Marge asks for a side salad.  I'm pretty sure he's been asked for a side salad as many times as he's been asked for rice.

If you've never eaten Ethiopian food, go get some.  Just don't ask for rice or a side salad.  (I recommend doro wat if you eat meat, and Zinashi recommends shiro if you don't.)

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Helen always gets a salad at Chai Shai, our local Indian/Pakistani place. He makes one special for her, even though it's not on the menu!


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