Friday, April 13, 2012

Working Hard, Getting It Done, Wearing Pajamas

It turns out that even if you are in the middle of filling out grant applications and doing research for the medical plan your tiny baby will need as soon as she gets home, the laundry must still be done if your family hopes to have clean things to wear or sheets that do not have cat puke on them (thanks a LOT, Eponine). I know! Normal life is not stopping because Elvie is adorable and needs to get home! Well, except the part of normal life in which I do not allow my child to watch Muppet movies every day or play with the Google street view map on the iPhone until her eyeballs fall out. That part has ceased. Zinashi is hoping it's a permanent cessation, but I'm afraid she's going to be disappointed. She will not be disappointed to find that I can change out of my pajamas before 3pm, but I'm pretty sure that she feels that the movie/iPhone tradeoff is a good one. Who cares if your mom looks cute when you can be singing along with Kermit?

I anticipate getting the adoption documents all done within the next three weeks. I just keep picking them up and filling them in and typing, typing, typing. I feel so much better about the level of work to do on this than I did even three days ago, so much better, in fact, that I can actually sleep at night. This is a positive step in the right direction, as accuracy counts in this process, and no one can be accurate with four hours of sleep, no matter how much coffee is injested. Grant applications will also continue to go out until my fingers fall off from typing and filling things in by hand. Medical plans are ongoing, but frankly, until we get Elvie home, we can't do a ton, just get the appropriate doctors informed and be ready.

And then there's the stuff she'll need. A special car seat, a carrycot for our stroller so we can afford her the privacy she needs while getting some fresh air, a changing station that will accommodate all her diapering stuff as well as what we'll need for wound care post surgery. I am trying to work on the practical so I won't start crying every blessed minute. But who can think of their tiny baby and wound care at the same time and not cry? Not me.

I'm afraid that in many respects, this baby will suffer from the same accoutrement neglect that all second children suffer from. At this point, I am considering whether or not we need a crib at all at first. If she is comfortable in the stroller carrycot, isn't it a fine option to put her stroller right next to the bed so that I can rest a hand on her while she sleeps?*

I do plan on making her changing area special for her. It will be small, but it will be all for her. If anyone in the Bay Area is itching for some DIY time, I'd be happy to give you a project. Or five. Call me.

And in the meantime, internet friends, have an excellent weekend.

*We are a cosleeping family, and I would just put her in bed with us from the get go if it weren't for Zinashi the Wildest Sleeper in the West. We'll wait until she's a bit bigger before we have her next to the flailing limbs of her big sister. With her sleeping space right next to the bed, we can get a lot of the benefits of cosleeping without endangering her well-being.

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  1. Three weeks of paperwork.

    Three weeks!

    I guess you are in labor!


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