Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Tuesday (and the Wednesday Before It) with Old Lady Mary

The reasons we went back to Kansas City for a quick visit before it's time to travel to pick up the baby are many, but there was really only one reason that made it a priority, and that reason is that we have a commitment to seeing Old Lady Mary.  Yes, it was lovely for Zinashi to see her grandparents and play with her cousins, and of course we adored seeing the friends we managed to squeeze into our schedule.  But the number one reason that I pushed our budget to the brink while working on adoption fees was for Old Lady Mary.  And I'm so glad that we made the trip.

Our first visit was the day after we got into town.  I was wearing something red, I think, and Zinashi was wearing this dress, plus a blazer:

hard at work with her very own tape

We stopped and got fun treats for her that day (a Tweety Bird balloon and some Little Debbies, if you must know), but didn't do our usual grocery run.  My friend Olivia has been doing an amazing job taking care of Mary in my place, and I knew that she had already brought groceries.  Mary was thrilled to see us, lavishing us with praise and talk of our good looks and how we were still her fashion models.  In that regard, the visit did not disappoint.  She'd even set aside some little chocolates for Zinashi, just like always.  But something didn't feel right, and it was simply that we came with so little in our hands.  So I offered that when we came for our second visit of the week, we would bring groceries.  "Just like old times!" Mary exclaimed.  Indeed.  Even the phone call to take the grocery order was the same, with a lot of loud talking/borderline yelling.  We filled the cart at the grocery store and showed up feeling good.  Mary requested that we buy pudding cups, and as it turned out, she wanted them because she was giving the three pudding cups she still had from other grocery trips to Zinashi.  This cracked me up.  I was in such good humor about it that I let Zinashi eat two of them in one go, sitting at the little table at our old regular Starbucks.

pudding, lots of pudding

It was a little sad to walk back down Mary's hallway, not knowing just when we'll be back to see her.  I had questioned if it was wise to spend the money on plane tickets to Kansas City when we need to save so much for Elvie, but I know now without a doubt that it was both appropriate and worth it to make room in our budget to see our dear friend.  We can't wait until we can go back and have another little cutie in tow for her to gush over.

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  1. I love hearing about your relationship with Mary, it's something I hope to be able to do when/if I'm able to stay home with our (so far theoretical) children. It's great that she's coping with your move but still able to see you now and then!


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