Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life Rolls On, Whether or Not There's an Internet Connection

For the past two days, we've not had internet access at home, and I've not had time to go elsewhere to get it.  It's made me feel a little bit like this:

lose something?
I lost something.  I think it was my mind, but it's hard to remember.

And sometimes like this:

funny bunny
Except I'm not that cute in bunny rabbit ears.

But life is good.  While we wait on some things, other things are happening.  Beautiful things.

girl in the yellow hat
Like sometimes I get to have coffee across the table from the girl wearing this yellow hat.

It's so easy to get lost in what's going wrong or what I cannot do anything about except for wait.  To get flustered over things like loss of internet connection or not knowing if I should book flights yet.  But if I pay attention, I can see the good all around me.

my first baby
Like my first daughter caught in the sun's rays on the train.

Life is so good right now.  We are working hard for Elvie, and we are in a financial crunch, and we are running short on time and long on projects that keep getting put off one more day, but still, there is so much good.  Some of it has come from your hands and hearts and typing fingers.  I am so grateful to you. My life be kind and gentle and good to you, too.

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