Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not in the Envelope

Today has been a frustrating day; let's talk about things I want, but that don't belong in my little envelope. It'll be a little bit of wishful thinking, an indulgent daydream.

First, this dress.  In Clementine or Sunflower.  Dreamy.

While we're at Boden, how about this top?  In green, s'il vous plait.  Excuse me, I'm using French.  Vert.

Finally, I'd take a housekeeping service for a good deep clean of my house.  Right now I'm working on "slightly less unsanitary," and that's quite enough.

I was going to wish for a new paperweight, but I already have one.

Oh, dear, it's another instagram photo of the cat.  Things must have taken a turn for the worse.

What's on your wish list today?  Big or small, tell me.  I'd like to daydream about your wishes, too.


  1. Hey Mary! I will daydream about your wishes too. Wishes not to be included in The Envelope:
    - DQ Funfetti Cake Blizzard
    - Rewatching the new episodes of Sherlock
    - Haircut
    - Gray leather handbag


  2. I followed your links and I love both the dress and the top, especially that dress! We share similar taste. I have faith that your plans to prepare and go get Elvie will happen on schedule. Eileen

  3. A better place to live, in a safer neighborhood. And some raspberry sorbet.

  4. I second your housekeeping wish. Although, apparently I need mine on an almost daily basis. My parents cleaned our house while we were in Portland and it's a mess again. Messy house = Happy Toddler!

  5. a bread maker... I know. It's silly. I really dislike the act of making bread dough by hand but nothing smells better than a loaf of white bread baking in the oven. Not sweet smelling, not meaty smelling... just smells like everything is going to be okay.

  6. Hmm let me see, of course world peace-but since that's not realistic I will go for a lawn service to mow my park of a lawn. Oh yeah I was supposed to be realistic-okay, a bigger waffle iron for my large family, a new pair of black ballet flats, a new yummy smelling bath gel, a new guitar teacher for Isabel, my computer to be fixed, a skype date with Z and Mama M, and oh yeah-a referral! Dreaming is so much fun isn't it!!!????!!!

  7. I wish I could skip my exams (but get automatic good grades - don't need a merit or distinction, a pass will do!) and get back to my babies sooner. Also not have to return for another year to finish school. Just skip right to being able to adopt them. Sigh!

  8. I wish for top floor apartment!!! Oh to not live under stompers and droppers...ahh....


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