Friday, May 11, 2012

A Photo a Day While We Are Away: Friday

Zinashi and I will be away visiting friends and family in Kansas City until May 15.  To keep you company while we're gone, I'm posting one of my recent Instagram favorites of Zinashi every day.

burger time

When we suddenly needed to get our paperwork done sooner, we needed to drive to Sacramento to get documents state certified.  Driving to unfamiliar destinations is not my favorite thing, I thought I was going to tough it out and go on my own with Zinashi, but Jarod offered to take the day off work to drive us.  While I took the documents to the appropriate office, Jarod and Zinashi headed down the street to find something to eat.  Jarod maintains that these burgers were not very good, but to me they tasted just right.  Or maybe my taste buds were just reacting to the sweet taste of victory of paperwork.  Either way, this is a good memory for me.

1 comment:

  1. So funny to see her making her Ababi's EXACT face! Just goes to show, nurture is a VERY powerful force :) Hope you're enjoying Kansas City!


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