Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Photo a Day While We Are Away: Saturday

Zinashi and I will be away visiting friends and family in Kansas City until May 15.  To keep you company while we're gone, I'm posting one of my recent Instagram favorites of Zinashi every day.

waiting, eating chocolate, looking like a dream

I can't get enough of this outfit.  I think it's the saddle oxfords that take it over the top.  Zinashi has opinions about clothing, but luckily, she likes everything I bring home for her.  This dress was a gift from my mom for her to wear for Easter, and while I pointed it out online and got her approval, Zinashi did not actually choose the dress.  That, my friends, is the beauty of online shopping.  There are no garish cartoon character shirts to catch her attention from eight aisles away (because yes, she is a normal child, and she can sniff these things out, even though she has no idea who any of the characters are), and she is always thrilled to open the box.  Everybody wins. 

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