Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Photo a Day While We Are Away: Sunday

Zinashi and I will be away visiting friends and family in Kansas City until May 15.  To keep you company while we're gone, I'm posting one of my recent Instagram favorites of Zinashi every day.

smartypants can write lots of letters lately

The reading curriculum we are using also includes a letter writing component at the end of every lesson; Zinashi has loved the rest of the lesson, but in the beginning she resisted writing the letters.  Sometimes, I'll allow her to just wait until she is ready to do a new task, but learning to read was her idea, and I had explained to her that if she wanted to learn to do it, I'd teach her, but she'd have to work hard.  It was a huge challenge to get her to write the letters at the end of each lesson, so imagine my shock when she called me to the white board to examine the letters she'd written all on her own, with no prompting. The letters look good, but I was more proud that she had decided on her own to work on something that was hard for her.


  1. Perhaps she's trying to tell you where she wants to go to college when she's older - looks like MIT to me!

  2. What a cutie! She is such a pretty girl :)


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