Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Photo a Day While We Are Away: Wednesday

Zinashi and I will be away visiting friends and family in Kansas City until May 15.  To keep you company while we're gone, I'm posting one of my recent Instagram favorites of Zinashi every day.

at the ups store, perusing

Whenever we needed a signature notarized for our adoption paperwork, we came into this same UPS Store.  I don't know how many times total we ended up in here, but it was enough that they knew us well.  Zinashi was a champ at keeping herself occupied while we took care of each document.  It helped that they had a good-sized display of funny animal cards.  This was taken on the day we had our last document notarized, and I regret not having her choose one to bring home as a reward for her patience.


  1. ADORE her dress - where is it from? Praying it's not home made!

  2. The dress is beautiful and your daughter if even more beautiful! I have so enjoyed reading your blog which I found through Girls Gone Child. Can you put a link on your blog for us to be updated when you write new posts? Thanks and hope you are having a great vacation in Kansas. Eileen

  3. The dress is from Zulily, and it just popped up on their "Dress du Jour" sale today, so you're in luck. There are lots of other cute ones from the same brand, which is called Ava Loves Ollie.


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