Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Progress in the Process

I got an email from our adoption coordinator today that our final piece of paper for our dossier had arrived and was being put with all our other dossier documents so that the whole shebang could be sent out to Washington, D.C., for authentication and then on to Ethiopia to be translated, where it would be put together with all the other necessary documents to have our case submitted to court.  If all goes well, that will happen on or around the 21st of this month.  We are requesting a court date for the end of June and hoping to work with the US Embassy to satisfy their requirements for issuing a visa shortly after our court date.  For a number of reasons, mostly medical in nature, it is best if we can shorten the time between court and embassy dates as much as possible.

I feel a little like we've cheated the system with this adoption; families normally wait months or even years after dossier submission to be matched with a child, then months to hear of a court date, then months to bring their children home.  Our adoption, by contrast, has been on fast forward.  When I think of all the families in different stages of waiting, I feel a little guilty about that.  But when I look up at Elvie's photo above my desk, I know that this is not about anyone else's adoption story, it's about hers.  And hers includes a need to get home for medical care as soon as we can make that happen.  So that's what we're doing.

We are trying to wrap up a lot of things in our family-of-three life before we become a family of four.  Zinashi and I will go to Kansas City in a week to see friends and family there; we won't have another chance until after Elvie's big surgery, and who knows when the actual date will be for that, and how long she'll need to heal before we can travel.  We're also getting the last of the house projects done, as I'm pretty sure no one will be staining end tables or reupholstering anything once Elvie gets home.

In preparation for Elvie's arrival, I have a list of Must Haves that I'm working into the budget, and the rest we'll figure out once she's here.  The crib, for example, did not make the cut.  The changing table did.  Eventually we'll carve out a space just for her in our house, but for now, I think the space we've carved out for her in our hearts and lives will do nicely.  Thank you for carving out a little space for her in your hearts and lives as well.  We have been astounded by your amazing generosity.  She won't lack for anything she really needs; you have made sure of that.  I find myself saying this a lot lately, but I will say it again and again:  Thank you.


  1. Today at Whole Foods in SoMa I saw Kiwi Magazine and the little girl on the cover looked like your girlie.

  2. I am totally with you on cheating the system as you know. We are still waiting for I171H as well, but our agency already put the rest of the dossier through the state dept in DC. We have it back from the state dept already. Tell your agency to send it without the paper. They don't need it to authenticate. Piggy back your waiting.... I doubt we will get a court date as fast as you, but DANG it would be cool if we traveled together. here is to hoping for all our girls getting home fast.

    1. Scoop, you need to request a court date for June 25 or 26. DO IT. JUST DO IT.

    2. oooh baby. that would be SUH-weet. but it's hard to imagine we could get it that fast. we don't have medical urgency. I am rooting for you! (and crossing fingers.) Our dossier is being mailed out Friday to ET with out without the I-171 H, and when it comes they will shove it in with the file. Can't wait to see how this plays out for both of us!


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