Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sixth Sense

At 4:54am, I awoke to a wet bottom next to me in bed.  We've been using cloth training pants at night since Zinashi doesn't wet as often anymore, and while they keep most of the moisture from hitting the mattress directly, the pajama pants always get pretty well soaked.  Zinashi wasn't even awake, and frankly, I'm not sure why I woke up either.  Some sixth sense of motherhood, in which I can identify a pee accident in my sleep?  I suppose it is handy, in the sense that she didn't have time to roll over and get more surface area wet, but if I were to choose a sixth sense, that probably wouldn't be it.

By the time I was done getting her into fresh pajamas, she was awake, and it didn't take long before she was asking if it was morning, and could she have eggs?  I put my foot down and said things like not right now which later became not until you go back to sleep, for crying out loud.  I understand that some of you think that if your child wakes at 5am, they're just awake at 5am, and you just get up and trudge to the kitchen to start the day, but we really can't have that happening.  Because A) Zinashi goes to bed late, and that is not nearly enough sleep for her to be reasonable during the day, and B) I am not a morning person. The combination of those two factors would probably kill us.  Also, I need this time to be simple.  I need to still be getting sleep now, before we have the unpredictable sleep of a jet-lagged, traumatized infant to deal with.

Because guess what?  We get on the airplane in twenty-two days.

countdown to ethiopia, 22 days
If you're wondering if I'll post one of these every day until we leave, the answer is YES.

Honestly, it's blowing my mind.  A baby.  In our house.  Soon.  WHOA.


  1. Mary I am a morning person, but I still agree that 5am is not morning. It is clearly still night. Zinashi is a character, bless her!

  2. My daughter rolls out of bed ready to eat breakfast - which is just weird to me. I can completely relate to wanting/needing her to go back to bed. My seven year old becomes quite the drama queen if she is over tired. Life is so much more enjoyable when everyone is well rested. Please keep posting the count down - I love it. You are all in my prayers.

  3. I'm looking forward to your daily countdown posts. Keep them coming!

  4. Ha, love the face! And "yay" to 22 days! :)

  5. Following your journey and cannot wait to hear about your trip! I love how you're involving Z with the preparations! What an exciting time!

  6. Ooooh, the 5am wake up is bad enough without the pee! As another NOT a morning person raising an early riser, I really sympathize. And sooo exciting that you are counting down to Elvie! Whooo hooo!

  7. Um, that picture is fabulously real. Love it!


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